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Hello followers.  This is the first time I’m sending a mass email (via the blog and MailChimp) and I’m kind of nervous, excited, anxious, but I just had to do it!  I can’t keep this bottled up anymore.  I’ve finished my new book and I want (nay, need!) to share.  My gift to you for following and your continued support: a free preview (the first four chapters) of Keys to the Kingdom.

Free Preview — Keys to the Kingdom

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Drop everything right now and read it!  Or, wait until you’ve at least pulled over, shut your office door, or whatever you have to do, but then read it!  I can’t wait to hear what you think!  Enjoy!

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1. Sign up at to get a free preview of the prequel to Keys to the Kingdom, my #1 Amazon bestseller in sailing books: Salt of a Sailor.

2.  So you can be caught up on the salty chronicle by the time the new book releases, jump on Amazon November 25, 2015 and get a FREE Kindle copy of Salt of a Sailor. That’s a whole day of free-ness. Get on it people!  Happy Thanksgiving!

3.  “Signed copies make great Christmas gifts!” says the author. Put in your pre-release hard copy orders of Keys to the Kingdom–only $20 and I will cover the shipping (anywhere in the U.S.). Email me the mailing address and any inscription you would like:


Next week, I’ll pick back up with the Nonsuch saga.  In blog time, Mitch, Phillip and I have brought the boat all the way up from Ft. Myers to Clearwater and we’re about to make the BIG jump across the Gulf to Apalachicola.  Click HERE if you would like to read the Nonsuch saga from the beginning.


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2 thoughts on “FREE PREVIEW – Keys to the Kingdom

  • Thanks for posting this. It’s good to see that one isn’t alone with those feelings, although you seem to have gotten it earlier and worse than me.

    • Thanks Peter. It’s good for me to see I’m not alone in these feelings either. I guess the earlier the better. Leaves you more time to follow them. Thanks for following along. Hope you enjoy the book as well! Coming soon!

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