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A HUGE thanks to my many pre-release readers for taking the time to review my little rock (which has since been polished to a gem!), provide substantive feedback, help me pinpoint and correct some errors and help shape this story into the enlightening, funny, entertaining piece it is today.  I couldn’t have done it without you all.  Plus, it was fun to welcome you all into my world (busy, ain’t it?) and share this writing process with you.  I hope to write TWO books while I’m crossing the Atlantic!

Now, for the fun TRIVIA.  A free signed hard copy (proof above — I’ve got ’em in hand) goes to the first HaveWind follower to answer correctly in a comment on the blog below:

What was the dish we made during this hapless crew’s first passage together on our Niagara back in 2013 that gave our good buddy Mitch such tummy troubles?


I hope you enjoy this story.  I definitely saw myself in Mitch many, many times.  We’ve all been there!  Boats (particularly old but new-to-you ones) can give you plenty of grief!

Enjoy the salty sequel!  I now have three!  How cool is that?


OFFICIAL TRAILER: None Such Like It + 10 eCopy Giveaways!

First he was in shock, then he was angry.  Other times he denied it ever happened.  But it was one hell of an entertaining journey helping deliver this Nonsuch and watch as the old gal gave our buddy Mitch (Mr. “While You’re Down There” from Salt of a Sailor) plenty of grief.  This is the trailer for my new book that will be coming out this May!  There will be none such like it, I promise!  So, two exciting opportunities to get an early sneak peek before the BIG public launch later this month:

FIRST:  Patrons get free pre-release eCopies!  If you have been thinking about Becoming a Patron but have not yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!IMG_0733Also, there are some really cool Atlantic-crossing updates up on Patreon now listing our official crew for the passage (we are now up to FOUR), as well as a virtual tour of the boat, our planned long-shift/short shift watch schedule and, coming this week, results from our Captain’s testing of the satellite tracker while strapped in the cockpit of a jet.  WHOA.


Oh, but back to the Nonsuch book (sorry, the Patreon stuff is kind of super exciting … ; )

SECOND:  I will also be giving away a pre-release eCopy to the first TEN FOLKS who comment on this blog post saying “Heck yeah, send me a free early copy!”

In exchange for the free eCopy, all I ask is you read the book over the next couple of weeks and post an honest review on Amazon when she goes live later this month (likely May 25th, although that may have to wiggle around some of our Atlantic-crossing preparations).  It helps with Amazon’s crazy analytics if the review comes from a “Verified Purchase,” so I will discount the book the first week (only $2.99) so you all can buy a quick $3 copy then post your review.  The purchase part is not required, merely requested, to help with Amazon marketing.  The book is yours for free regardless.  Sound like a good deal?  Alrighty then ….

Who all wants a pre-release eCopy?  First TEN folks to comment below win.  Ready?  GO!  

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Thanks to my Patrons who help me share the journey.  Get inspired.  Get on board.


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Hello followers.  This is the first time I’m sending a mass email (via the blog and MailChimp) and I’m kind of nervous, excited, anxious, but I just had to do it!  I can’t keep this bottled up anymore.  I’ve finished my new book and I want (nay, need!) to share.  My gift to you for following and your continued support: a free preview (the first four chapters) of Keys to the Kingdom.

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Drop everything right now and read it!  Or, wait until you’ve at least pulled over, shut your office door, or whatever you have to do, but then read it!  I can’t wait to hear what you think!  Enjoy!

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Next week, I’ll pick back up with the Nonsuch saga.  In blog time, Mitch, Phillip and I have brought the boat all the way up from Ft. Myers to Clearwater and we’re about to make the BIG jump across the Gulf to Apalachicola.  Click HERE if you would like to read the Nonsuch saga from the beginning.


Thanks to my Patrons who help me share the journey.  Get inspired.  Get on board.