OFFICIAL TRAILER: None Such Like It + 10 eCopy Giveaways!

First he was in shock, then he was angry.  Other times he denied it ever happened.  But it was one hell of an entertaining journey helping deliver this Nonsuch and watch as the old gal gave our buddy Mitch (Mr. “While You’re Down There” from Salt of a Sailor) plenty of grief.  This is the trailer for my new book that will be coming out this May!  There will be none such like it, I promise!  So, two exciting opportunities to get an early sneak peek before the BIG public launch later this month:

FIRST:  Patrons get free pre-release eCopies!  If you have been thinking about Becoming a Patron but have not yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!IMG_0733Also, there are some really cool Atlantic-crossing updates up on Patreon now listing our official crew for the passage (we are now up to FOUR), as well as a virtual tour of the boat, our planned long-shift/short shift watch schedule and, coming this week, results from our Captain’s testing of the satellite tracker while strapped in the cockpit of a jet.  WHOA.


Oh, but back to the Nonsuch book (sorry, the Patreon stuff is kind of super exciting … ; )

SECOND:  I will also be giving away a pre-release eCopy to the first TEN FOLKS who comment on this blog post saying “Heck yeah, send me a free early copy!”

In exchange for the free eCopy, all I ask is you read the book over the next couple of weeks and post an honest review on Amazon when she goes live later this month (likely May 25th, although that may have to wiggle around some of our Atlantic-crossing preparations).  It helps with Amazon’s crazy analytics if the review comes from a “Verified Purchase,” so I will discount the book the first week (only $2.99) so you all can buy a quick $3 copy then post your review.  The purchase part is not required, merely requested, to help with Amazon marketing.  The book is yours for free regardless.  Sound like a good deal?  Alrighty then ….

Who all wants a pre-release eCopy?  First TEN folks to comment below win.  Ready?  GO!  

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42 Responses to OFFICIAL TRAILER: None Such Like It + 10 eCopy Giveaways!

  1. Can’t wait to read more. I like your style.

  2. gmiller1964 says:

    Heck Yeah!! Annie, but I’d like to go through the Amazon purchase so my review will have more weight. When will that be active on Amazon? I’m planning a purchase soon and would like to include your book.


    • anniedike says:

      Hey George! Agreed! For whatever reason, the “verified purchases” on Amazon count more. But, as I mentioned in the blog, you can do both! Get a free early read AND be a verified purchase. When the book goes live, I will let you know and you can then buy (at the discounted $3 price) and then post your review. An early read gives you the opportunity to read in advance and be ready to post your review the day the book goes live (that helps me ensure it will reach #1 — yay!) so please give her an early read! I’ll put you on the list!

  3. Cole says:

    Heck yeah, send me a free early copy!

  4. ian Prince says:

    “Heck yeah, send me a free early copy!”

  5. Gary Maddox says:

    Heck yeah, send me a free copy. Love your style.

  6. Kathy Mallette says:

    Heck yeah, send me a free copy.

  7. Charles Reece says:

    Heck yeah! send me a copy!! Love to read it!

  8. Don says:

    Heck yeah, send me a free early copy!

  9. Derrick Robarge says:

    Heck yeah, send me a free copy!
    I cruised on a Nonsuch 30 fo four months in 2011. I’m sure I can relate to many of the griefs!

    • anniedike says:

      Ha. I’ll bet you can Derrick. And, so glad to hear you say that … the “griefs” — I’ve had one person tell me today they wouldn’t want to read a book about misery. Does it really come off like that? It’s meant to be funny people … : /

  10. You finished! Yay! I will grab one of those early, discount copies – for the same reasons mentioned. Just let me know when!

    • anniedike says:

      I did! Finally. It felt a little like I was birthing a baby over here. Okay, thanks! Happy to send you a pre-release copy either way. I’ll throw you on the list but you know I’ll mega blast the news once the book is out and ready for a hot pile of reviews heaped on her. Ha! Thanks Jennifer!

  11. Michael Upchurch says:


    Michael E. Upchurch
    Frazer, Greene, Upchurch & Baker
    104 Saint Francis Street
    Suite 800
    Mobile, Alabama 36602
    251-431-6022 (Direct)

    • anniedike says:

      Mr. Upchurch himself. Fancy meeting you here! You want a pre-release copy, you’ve got it. I added you to the list. (And here I didn’t think anyone from my days past watched my stuff. Am I a legend over there yet? ; )

  12. Carrie says:

    Do you ever sleep?! Finding the boat tours helpful.
    Thank you!

    • anniedike says:

      No Carrie. Never. I’m a blog-aholic. But, I do strive very hard to put out helpful, valuable (or at least entertaining) content. Glad you’re finding it useful. Alright, you’re on the list. Email will come later today with the download link. Thanks!

  13. Brian Curry says:

    Hey Annie,

    “Heck yeah, send me an early free copy!”

  14. Timothy H Gibson says:

    looking forward to the read, looks fun!

    • anniedike says:

      Aha! The Ringer himself. Knowing Mr. While You’re Down There personally. I think you’re going to get a real kick out of this one! Thanks Timmy. You’re on the list. Hope you and Camy are enjoying the wedded bliss!

  15. Kristen Mead says:

    I’m so excited to hear the book is coming! I’ve made a point of collecting Nonsuch stories since I grew up with a Nonsuch 26 in my life, and later liveaboarded on a 36.

    • anniedike says:

      Hey Kristen! So cool. Stories about the Nonsuch. I didn’t think there was such! : ) I hope you like this one. It’s meant to be a fun, lighthearted look at the “grief” our boats give us. I’ve added you to the list!

    • anniedike says:

      Hey Kristen. For whatever reason, the email to you (with the download link for the book) keeps coming back undeliverable. Do you have an address other than this “poseyk” one that I can try? Want to make sure you get it!

      • Kristen Mead says:

        That’s weird… giving you my work email this time!

        I have two other Nonsuch books. I believe the one is Dangerous Waters by David Philpott, and the other is Saci IV by… Author’s name escapes me, but I’m sure I’ll remember it at 3am.

      • anniedike says:

        Cool, I’ll try the “kmead” address right now. Let me know if you don’t get the book this morning. I’ll have to check out those other two. Thanks! P.S., I remember all important things at 3am, then forget them by 6! : )

  16. Franklin says:

    “Heck yeah, send me a free early copy!”
    Love your work!!

  17. sailaway151 says:

    Heck yeah! Send me a free copy!! 😃 May be late but worth the effort.
    Thanks Annie, keep up the great work, it’s appreciated, free book or not!! 😉

    • anniedike says:

      Awesome. I like your “heck yeah!” enthusiasm, late or not. That gets you a ticket to ride any day. Awesome. I will add you to the list. Sending download link via email soonly! : )

  18. Bill Hursmann says:

    Waaaah!….what happened to mine? 🙂

    • anniedike says:

      Hey Bill. Did you get yours yesterday in my batch sent to Patrons? I see your email in the Bcc column but if you didn’t get it on your end, let me know and I will re-send.

  19. liveran64 says:

    Aw, man! I missed the early “heck, yeah!
    So exciting..your a busy bee! Sheesh!

  20. As an avid Nonsuch sailor (we’re on our second one) and a huge fan of your videos, I’m very much looking forward to your new book! Can’t wait to read it when it comes out!

    • anniedike says:

      Oh yay! So glad to reach some Nonsuchers out there! Yippee! Thank you. You know I’ll blast word of the release loud and clear here! Should be just a few weeks!

  21. Mike says:

    Heck yeah, send me a free early copy!

    Looking forward to it!

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