None Such Like It is OUT!

There she is, my new book, live on Amazon … GO GET HER!

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A HUGE thanks to my many pre-release readers for taking the time to review my little rock (which has since been polished to a gem!), provide substantive feedback, help me pinpoint and correct some errors and help shape this story into the enlightening, funny, entertaining piece it is today.  I couldn’t have done it without you all.  Plus, it was fun to welcome you all into my world (busy, ain’t it?) and share this writing process with you.  I hope to write TWO books while I’m crossing the Atlantic!

Now, for the fun TRIVIA.  A free signed hard copy (proof above — I’ve got ’em in hand) goes to the first HaveWind follower to answer correctly in a comment on the blog below:

What was the dish we made during this hapless crew’s first passage together on our Niagara back in 2013 that gave our good buddy Mitch such tummy troubles?


I hope you enjoy this story.  I definitely saw myself in Mitch many, many times.  We’ve all been there!  Boats (particularly old but new-to-you ones) can give you plenty of grief!

Enjoy the salty sequel!  I now have three!  How cool is that?


13 thoughts on “None Such Like It is OUT!

    • Mary! Hi there. Thank you so much. I have been one busy little bee here, haven’t I? I’m looking forward to some time off to just sit and read/write and watch the horizon. Ahhhh … Thank you for the well-wishes! Lots of cool Atlantic stuff on Patreon if you and David want to follow. Hope to catch up with you guys when we get back later in the summer!

  • Sausage Chicken Gumbo

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  • Broccoli Crapola!
    Sorry, I would never say that about someone else’s cooking, but I think that was the unofficial name you all gave it. I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as Mitch complained about.

  • Hmmm, I might have the wrong day/night but then again, I might be right! So, in order to not give away anything, I’m guessing B——- C——-! If I’m right please hang on to the book and pass it along to someone else with the right answer. Remember, this crew is going all digital and completing a major downsizing in our quest for tossing the lines.

    I do have to admit though, a signed hard copy is pretty cool..

    FYI, We have read all three and gave you three great reviews on Amazon. We hope they sell well. 🙂

    Wanted to take this opportunity to say “safe passage and fair winds” as your journey is about to begin!

    Love your life and your outlook. We will be out there shortly, hope to see you on the water one day!


    • Everything you just said, Lyle, times TEN. I’ll see you out there, I’m sure of it. Thanks for all your support! It means a great deal to me. P.S. … you write awesome reviews!

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