#33: Havana Daydreaming

We’ve got a TON of projects coming up kids, so I wanted to give you a little glimpse of what it is that motivates us when we’re doing all of this scraping, cleaning, sanding and prepping.  Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “#33: Havana Daydreaming

  • Have I told you I sailed in a race from key west to Cuba in 1978? Got lots of pics including sail magazine. So far no plans for Saturday or Sunday if you guys have time to come by🎄⛵️

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    • Hey El! Yeah, you did. Sounds like it was incredible. I would love to see the pics. I’ll let the Captain know. Sadly, we’ve been waiting for this rain to pass so we can finally do some more digging on our rotten stringer on the boat and the weekend may be our only chance, but we’ll let you know our plans as soon as they formulate. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  • Do you have a routine of things you check? Like a maintenance schedule or something? I am worried that when we get a boat we won’t know when to repair/check/re-oil things!

    • We do! We have a maintenance log where we keep track of all the things that need to be done and the next time they need to be re-done (like filling the water in the batteries, for instance, which is an every thirty-day job). I think a calendar would be very helpful because everything is staggered. Best advice I can give you is always look around. Look around the engine, under it, lift the floorboards, look in the back of cabinets, look in the bilge, look at your wires, your bus bars. Just try to look at and touch everything once a month to see what might be corroding, leaking, rotting (*gulp*) or otherwise deteriorating. Living on the boat makes it all so much more visible. You’ll do fine I’m sure (but you’ll never stop worrying!). Hope that helps! Thanks for following along!

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