Oh the Places You’ll Cruise!

Hey kids!  Little cruiser’s ditty for you here.  I’ve done Dr. Suess style on the blog before (shout-out to Cara and Eddie on s/v Danseur du Vent!), and found it to be challenging, inspiring and fun.  Here is another Suess-style musing while I’m dreaming of our plans to sail south this season.  Enjoy!


Congratulations!  Today is your day.

You’ve bought a great boat.  You’ll soon be off and away!


You have hands that will work, and new occupations to try.

You may find you’re a bad electrician, a good plumber, not sure why.


But, you’re on your own.  It’s just you and your boat,

and the brains in your head that will keep you afloat.


You’ll go to many an anchorage.  Choose them with care.


About some you will say: “Only go if you dare.

The inlet is tricky.  You have to zig zag,

and the skeeters at night really make it a drag.”


You may not find any where you want to stay a while

If so, just weigh anchor and sail on with a smile.

That’s okay if you feel the need to just drift.

The world is your wide open explorable gift.


And it’s opener you’ll see, on the wide open sea.



Out there things will happen, because that’s where they do.

Nothing will crack or explode at the dock.  It’s true!

But you’ll find it’s really the way it should be,

because it’s more fun to make repairs, learn and work on your boat while at sea!



So, don’t worry about the happenings and the equipment you may lose,

because it’s all about the journey.  OH THE PLACES YOU’LL CRUISE!



You’ll be on your way up at times, climbing the mast to great heights.


You’ll sail to exotic places, and take in new sights.

You’ll enjoy the fullest all of these cruising delights,

and savor the peaceful time on your boat and those calm, restful nights.



Except when you don’t, because, sometimes, you won’t.

I’m sorry to say, but sadly it’s true, neighboring boats will drag anchor and bump into you.

Hurricanes and run-agrounds and all the things that you dread,

can happen, you know that.  Just be prepared.  Use your head.



Your boat will get banged and form scars from hard knocks.

It just proves you were brave enough to leave the dock.

You can’t avoid it.  At times you’ll need major repairs.

It will spring up inconveniently, when you’re not ready and unaware.



Times will be hard when your boat’s on the hard.

Be ready to break out another (platinum) credit card.

photo (13)

The list will grow in every cubby you look,

but you’ll want to do right by your boat, in every cranny and nook.


Looking back over time, the projects will seem smaller,

particularly when you’re sailing away, living simpler, stretching your dollar.


Your boat will be ready to take you so many places.

You’ll see all kinds of wildlife, wild people, all ages and races.



Take it all in, every bite, every hike.

Sail your little boat wherever you’d like.

But be ready, always, for another bump and bruise,

because it’s all worth it for the places you’ll cruise.



We’re getting closer and closer to giving the gift!  Every little bit helps move the cause along.  Get inspired and get on board!


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