#49: D.I.Y. = Do It (at the) Yard

Okay, you all called it.  It’s time to haul out.  “Uncle!” we cried.  But, we were proud of the demo we accomplished DIY style.  Now it’s time to take that same attitude to the shipyard and do this job with the professionals so we learn how to do it right, but save time (and our fingers!) in the process.  Season Two, that’s a wrap!

Whoa!  We’re so close.  Only $70 to go.  Let’s make this happen kids!


4 thoughts on “#49: D.I.Y. = Do It (at the) Yard

  • Long time reader, first time commentor.
    Thanks Annie, great view of a haul out. I’ve seen lots of pics but a great video.
    Tony in IN

    • Oooh, I’m glad I could finally coax you out of the woodworks Tony. Glad to hear you’ve been following along for a while and even more thrilled to finally hear your “voice.” It’s an honor to have you on board. Thanks for the kind words. I had SO MUCH footage of the haul-out from different angles that I thought it would be fun to show all different perspectives. Our baby is up on the hard! Much to do! And, you know you’ll be along for every success and setback of the ride. Thanks again for reaching out, Tony. Means a lot to me.

  • Nice Video Annie
    Nice yard, I should work there
    You did right with this one. There was just to much more work that was need and you did not have the tools or the experience. You are learning fast though and that will take you a long way.
    Thanks for sharing

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