Boat #2: 1992 Catalina 34

Boat Tour No. 2!  Follow along as Bob aboard s/v Partager (meaning “to share” in French) shares a tour of his boat, some system upgrades, some lessons learned and how he came to be called “Backwards Bob!”  Let me know what you think of the SeaPower alternator generator and his linear drive auto-pilot install and whether you’ve ever found yourself in a similar “backwards” situation!

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Whoa!  We’re so close.  Only $70 to go.  Let’s make this happen kids!


9 thoughts on “Boat #2: 1992 Catalina 34

  • Is there a chance that you can hook me up with Bob? I would like to see his boat in person, perhaps have a conversation about it. I can bring the beer or whatever he prefers…lunch…dinner. I am on Dauphin Island….we have a wonderful protected anchorage right out in front of our place here….gulfside. you should make it one of your short sail destinations.

    • Hey Jerry! Glad you asked. I was actually thinking of making my next Patreon reward that – personal connection with the owner I interviewed for further Q&A. I will initiate it for you! How about that! I know Bob is currently sailing to Cuba right now so it may be a while for a personal visit but I will ask if he is willing to connect with you via email to chat ahout his boat! Ill keep you posted. Talk soon.

  • Well, you can still sail over here! If you come when we’re down here, you can hang out at our place…use our facilities….I’ll provide you with w/adult beverage/s, or a nice meal or two.
    you = y’all

  • Hi Annie, So excited for you and the latest adventure. Currently in the Azores as Bene Testarossa FB prepares to tour some of the local islands and then head to Lagos, Portugal. Will be flying to Isreal and returning to Pensacola by the 2 nd of July. I can be contacted then by the folks who want to talk Catalina 34 or travel or sailing in general. The ARC experience has been awesome and the Azores are spectacular with volcanos, whale watching, and meeting worldwide sailors at this epic crossroads in the Atlantic Ocean. Folks can email me or call me! Fair winds to all aboard! Bob

    • Thanks Bob! We found Testarossa’s shield on the sea wall at the Azores. I put a pic of it on Facebook. Pensacola is representing! Excited to get back to Pensacola and swap trans-at stories. Talk soon. Travel safe my friend!

  • Jerry, I should finally return to Pensacola around the 1st of July. My ph # 850 291 8528…email address is Anxious to get Partager out for a sail when I get home and would love to take you out. I am retired so the day is not important only the weather. See you soon. Bob

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