#50: Rig Quotes and Wrong Notes

Let’s KICK OFF this third season, shall we!  With a trip to Ft. Lauderdale where we get a great visit in with the super-knowledgeable Pam Wall, get some initial rigging hardware quotes on rod versus wire and … well a funky little surprise at the end with my bad-ass brother, John.  Bring your jukebox money!

Only $48 to go?!  Shut the front door.  That’s awesome.  Just a teeny bit more to go.  Get inspired.  Get on board!


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2 Responses to #50: Rig Quotes and Wrong Notes

  1. Annie,
    This is hilarious! it was great that you and your brother kept trying to upstage each other… Just like I do with my Sisters! Rock on!

    • anniedike says:

      Thanks John. I appreciate it. John and I always have a good time together, but we both know he is the better singer! I’m the better dancer! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching.

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