#50: Rig Quotes and Wrong Notes

Let’s KICK OFF this third season, shall we!  With a trip to Ft. Lauderdale where we get a great visit in with the super-knowledgeable Pam Wall, get some initial rigging hardware quotes on rod versus wire and … well a funky little surprise at the end with my bad-ass brother, John.  Bring your jukebox money!

Only $48 to go?!  Shut the front door.  That’s awesome.  Just a teeny bit more to go.  Get inspired.  Get on board!


#37: Here Comes the Boom!

You guys watch closely, because we’re counting on you to help us put all of this crap back together.  Preparing the boat to pull the mast turned into one heap of a mess, but don’t let it get you down!  Getting that stringer fixed will get us one step closer to sailing south!

Thanks to my Patrons who help me share the journey.  Get inspired.  Get on board.