#52: A Little Stumped by the Stringer Repair

Start of the stringer repair!  I know you guys have been excited to see this.  The guys at Perdido Sailor finally busted out some proper (oscillating) tools on our rotten stringers so we could start repairing her up right.  Oh, and then Russ brought some hoes aboard.  Check it out!

Only $48?  That’s great!  Just a teeny bit more to go.  Get inspired.  Get on board!


4 thoughts on “#52: A Little Stumped by the Stringer Repair

  • Hi Annie,
    Its coming along!! I knew you would have to do a build up of the new wood under the floor. Don’t worry it will be stronger than new when done. Plywood glued together is very strong stuff. When they tab it to the hull it is there for good. And I’m sure that this time it will be all sealed up so no more rot!!
    I have used the Tick stick method of patterning the hull to make and install bulkheads. Works great. I like the way he did that in the keel sump. Don’t you just love the feel of that wonderful dust. Really that was good to wash out all the dust. You must have a clean surface to tab to for that strong bond.
    Good job Annie, Go take a nice Cold shower the rid yourself of the dust
    SV Isla Azul

    • Thanks Rick! Guess I should have clarified in the video (it’s hard sometime to take myself back in time and pretend I don’t know what I know) but the plywood was just a template for the real filler – Coosa! But you’re right. Were going to tab the heck out of it and glass her all up nice and waterproof. I will share in the next video. Thanks for watching!

  • Love the videos, I can appreciate the hard work that is involved. Think we should see more of Kareoke Annie! Thanks, that was great!

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