Boat #3: 1984 Sabre 34

This one really surprised even me.  I’ve been aboard before but never had the opportunity to really appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the Sabre.  A well-designed, trustworthy cruiser capable of housing a family of five.  Wow.  Enjoy the tour!  If you find them helpful, please join our Give the Gift of Cruising campaign on Patreon.  Thank you!

Only $48?  That’s great!  Just a teeny bit more to go.  Get inspired.  Get on board!



4 thoughts on “Boat #3: 1984 Sabre 34

  • Sabre’s are great boats. Very high quality and build. You can see it everywhere you look. I have worked on them in our yard and am always impressed with the build. You see in even in the deepest places where you cant see. Always well finished and clean
    A good choice at any size.

  • Great job on this on. I noticed there’s still $48 to go. Is it me or has it been 48 for 2 or 3 weeks now?

    • Thank you Chris. Yes, and actually $49 (i just fidnt want to change the graphic because it was sad to announce someone dropped off). I’m not sure what more I can to encourage folks to get on board. I’m all ears! And very grateful for your support.

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