#53: Buttered Up and Built Back Anew

Here we go kids!  From hot glue sticks to a plywood template to no-sh&* Coosa stringers buttered up and good as new!  Thanks as always to the hard-working crew at Perdido Sailor who allowed us DIY’ers to work beside them so we could learn the process.  Hope you all enjoy seeing our boat’s bones brought back to life!

WOW.  Only $30 to go to Give the Gift of Cruising!  You could be the donor that gets me there and then YOU could be the winner!  Shut up!  I’m serious.  GET ON BOARD!


2 thoughts on “#53: Buttered Up and Built Back Anew

  • Yes Annie, You did it !!!
    Nice job, all buttered up and ready to go. That will never come out again. It was a good post watching you do this. I know I know there is still the clean up to go but….Now get that damn boat into the water and lets see some sailing videos of exotic places and far destinations. Viva Le Cuba !!

    • Ha! I couldn’t agree more Rick! It’s time for some bikinis! I can’t wait to get back out there sailing. You’re right, there is a TON more to do. We kept running into issues at the yard (as it always seems to happen) and, of course, there is still the little matter of the rigging. But, soon soon my friend! Thanks for watching!

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