#58: Corrosion You Cannot See

Not if it’s hidden behind the rigging.  Lesson learned here: If you’re going to re-rig, pull and inspect all of the pieces.  You’ll be shocked at what we found.  Bonus lesson: Lookout for that hammer.  He packs a mean punch.  Thanks to the boys at Perdido Sailor, Inc. as always, for sharing their time, tools and boat repair smarts.  Enjoy!

All goes well (knock on teak) we are set to splash tomorrow.  That’s right.  “Tomorrow, tomorrow!”  Sing it with me … you know you want to.

My next goal after that is to get my next Gift of Cruising prize lined up and announced on the website.  You can be a part of it!  If you’re enjoying the show, please give a little.  It helps us keep sharing our journey and help more people who want to cruise.  Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “#58: Corrosion You Cannot See

  • Annie,
    You are doing it right. Pull it off as you know what you can’t see will hurt you. We don’t see much of that here on the Great Lakes with our fresh water. But we do see it when we get a salty in. Good job keep going and you’ll have it all fixed perfect. Good job on the research you knew what you were talking about

    • “We got a salty here.” Ha! I like that term. We are definitely salty down here. I’ll have to tell Phillip he got the seal of approval from my bonafide shipyard expert! When he saw I included that clip he said, “Oh boy, they’re going to landblast me.” But, see? He certainly did a TON of research on the rigging. It was sometimes overwhelming but it’s good to know exactly what went on the boat, how it was engineered and how to fix it. Thanks for watching Rick!

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