To Be On the Water

I almost forgot how it feels.  I was standing in our saloon yesterday afternoon, looking out through the cockpit, and I saw the backdrop move.  The water, the buildings, a bird squatting on a piling─they all moved about an inch to the right and it caught me off-guard.  Imagine if you looked out the window of your house and everything you saw shifted over a few inches.  It would make you pause, right?  I had to do a double take.

Then I realized the backdrop didn’t move.  The boat did!  In the water, she moves!  Three months on the hard in the shipyard and I had forgot how that feels.  While she seems so unwieldy, so monstrous up on the jacks, in the water our boat is fluid.  She glides and bobs and sways, and I love that she does.  The fact that my future home is an agile sea traveler excites me.  Because she moves, she can take us to so many places.  I knew that this entire time we’ve been at the yard, but it was like I needed the boat to remind me.  And, she did.  With just a swift glide in the water.  It was like a playful nudge.  Look what I can do.  I stopped what I was doing and smiled.  Standing there (on our floorboards!) in the saloon, looking out on the water behind her stern, I let it all soak in.  Our boat is back in the water kids.  Oh the places we’ll go!

photo 2 (6)

And, she’s got new rigging.

photo 3 (4)

Oh, oh AND floorboards!  (What are those?)  No more bilge!

photo 5 (1)

We’re kind of (a little too) excited about it.

photo 4 (2)

Sooooo much more to come!

Thanks to all my Patrons who help me share this journey and help more people realize this awesome dream─to live, travel and be on the water.


14 thoughts on “To Be On the Water

  • The magic moment! She swims…
    As much fun as it is to work on the boat ashore, it is so much more fun to be afloat and moving towards some new destination. Got any cruising plans?

    • Hey Norman. You’re so right. But, of course. We’re headed south this season! As soon as hurricane season is over, it’s toss the lines for us and point our boat toward the Keys. We’re not sure where we’ll go first (or last) it’s all weather- and mood-dependent. We do want to go to Cuba, spend more time in the Keys and of course kite-surf every square inch of the Bahamas! Can. Not. Wait.

      • Annie: I like it, kite-boarding around the world. Karl and Heidi on a Cape Georges 38 who’s name I have forgotten said the best place they found was behind the reef off the St Croix YC. Flat calm and windy, 20 knots all day. Cold drinks and a good dinner ashore.
        Hurricane avoidance? Aruba… Next year?
        Norm… on Averisera

      • Awesome. We will definitely add that place to the list. I think a quite morning on the boat, coffee, reading, writing, an awesome kite session in the afternoon followed by good food, friends and likely fish for dinner sounds about like the best darn day of my life. I would never tire of it. Aruba! I like it! Another place to explore!

  • To me there is nothing like being on the boat. She is alive and playful. Wanting to spread her wings and fly to anywhere the wind will take you. When inside, it is a world all to its own. At once familiar, warm and cozy. She talks to you with all the little sounds that she makes. The motion and the sounds make you feel alive and connected, close and protected. Outside in the cockpit is a whole new world beckoning you to come and explore. There are no limits but for the ones you make yourself. She is saying, let’s go. Free me and let me fly. If the wind blows to hard from where we were bound then we shall go there with the wind fair and the miles ticking away. Not to fast as the journey is the best part. The landfalls that follow are but the desert to be shared after.
    Out there away from land the world is so large and you are so alive to be there, free. The colors, Much brighter, the wind much fresher, the water always alive and moving, never tiring to behold. Everything looks so much better as the tapestry of life unfolds for you and you move across it studying every inch of the pallet, putting it into memory to savor latter.
    Yes she is alive and waiting for you to set her free.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labor, you have earned it so well.
    SV Isla Azul

    • Wow, Rick. Eloquent indeed. Thank you for this. My favorite line? “The water always alive and moving, never tiring to behold.” No truer words. I think I could watch water dance along our hull all day and never once wish I was somewhere else doing anything other. Appreciate this comment Rick. It will certainly resonate with many.

    • Hey Jennifer. Seven is still seven weeks too long. We were surprised to see our time at the yard end on the exact three month mark (Dec. 29th – March 29th). And, I agree! We’d like to film more than life at the shipyard someday! Ha! Thanks for following.

    • Ha. That’s funny. I’m sure she’ll get a little tighter too once we get all the goods back aboard. We have a lot of hauling to and from the boat in our future but I can’t wait till she’s loaded up with sails and goods and all I need to do is hop aboard and toss the lines! We’ve missed our floating condo!

  • I cant wait to see where you guys go!

    You are giving hope to all us ( temporally ) land bound crusers


    • Thanks Pete. It’s definitely been an uphill climb but well worth the view from the top! We’ll head out after hurricane season somewhere south for sure. Don’t worry, you’ll be along for the ride!

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