#59: A Boatyard Break to Sail the Chute

(And a “worm dance” to boot … do NOT miss that!)  We were headed to the shipyard to work on a Sunday but Brandon said it was too pretty not to sail.  Watch as we take a well-deserved break from the yard and hop aboard Brandon’s Gulf Star 45 to fly the chute!

Exciting news kids.  Weather depending (always the case, right?) Phillip and I will be headed out today for our first weekend on the hook since … last year?!  This boat is ready to go!

photo (31)

And, I’ll keep working hard over here to bring you along every step of the way through videos, photos and blogs.  If you’ve been inspired by the journey, get on board!


6 thoughts on “#59: A Boatyard Break to Sail the Chute

  • Great Video Annie
    Ha, you always get the numbers wrong. Too funny. I loved watching you trying to douse the spinnaker. At one point I though you were Going For A Ride in the sky. HA I like the way you go for it though. Good job. Fun

    • I know. I have a knack for it! And I always guess low for some reason (not intentionally). Luckily the guys are good spirits about it. I thought I was going for a ride in the sky too! I guess I could have had a gust hit. Flying that spinnaker is fun! Thanks for watching Rick.

  • Is the “worm dance” something involving tequila? Ya never know.

    Get good with the kite. We have had some grim deliveries in no-kite boats. Slow, rolling, maybe a little diesel exhaust wafting over the transom during light air legs. Boats with kites sail… gloriously. On Averisera, we have three, two for racing and one for practice or deliveries to/from races. E and I cross train so we can use it at night. Too much fun. Seriously.

    Hope the weather cooperates for you anchoring out plan. But…. Heck, go anyway. One of our best times was Hurricane Danny in Fox Island Thoroughfare, Maine. Rain, wind, beautiful sky, yummy meals, bottles of wine, naps…

    • Ahhhh … so true. We’re headed bright and early in the am Norman, rain on shine. I don’t care if we have to motor out there and hoist the sails on the hook. We’re going to have to learn how to do that on the hook anyway, right? We have two spinnakers aboard our Niagara that we have (as I admitted) never yet flown, but after throwing one up with Brandon I have a lot more confidence about flying one on our boat. We’re never in a hurry, but I do hate to motor. Maybe we’ll have to give it a try. You’ve inspired me (as always) Norman. Thank you.

      • If you can convince Elizabeth to give me a hall pass, we’ll drive down and show you two all the tricks. Spinnaker Love… It snowed here today!

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