#74: Splash Day! (Season Three Finale)

Take that “Hard Times on the Hard!”  We are out of the yard!  Looking back, though, it almost seemed easy.  Almost.  But it was definitely worth it.  After three months in the yard, Phillip and I are better boat owners for it and ready to start working on our boat in exotic places.  Like Cuba this winter!  Let’s go!

Kind of cool to watch this footage, too, knowing it was March 29th and neither Phillip nor I had any idea in exactly two months from that day we would be stepping on a boat to cross the Atlantic-freaking-ocean.  It has been such an exciting and fulfilling year already, and we still have so much in store.

Hence the desire to give back and share the dream.  Next up on the Tube, we will announce our 2nd Gift of Cruising giveaway winner.  Shut the front door.  I’m serious.  Don’t miss the train!  Get inspired and get ON BOARD!

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To Be On the Water

I almost forgot how it feels.  I was standing in our saloon yesterday afternoon, looking out through the cockpit, and I saw the backdrop move.  The water, the buildings, a bird squatting on a piling─they all moved about an inch to the right and it caught me off-guard.  Imagine if you looked out the window of your house and everything you saw shifted over a few inches.  It would make you pause, right?  I had to do a double take.

Then I realized the backdrop didn’t move.  The boat did!  In the water, she moves!  Three months on the hard in the shipyard and I had forgot how that feels.  While she seems so unwieldy, so monstrous up on the jacks, in the water our boat is fluid.  She glides and bobs and sways, and I love that she does.  The fact that my future home is an agile sea traveler excites me.  Because she moves, she can take us to so many places.  I knew that this entire time we’ve been at the yard, but it was like I needed the boat to remind me.  And, she did.  With just a swift glide in the water.  It was like a playful nudge.  Look what I can do.  I stopped what I was doing and smiled.  Standing there (on our floorboards!) in the saloon, looking out on the water behind her stern, I let it all soak in.  Our boat is back in the water kids.  Oh the places we’ll go!

photo 2 (6)

And, she’s got new rigging.

photo 3 (4)

Oh, oh AND floorboards!  (What are those?)  No more bilge!

photo 5 (1)

We’re kind of (a little too) excited about it.

photo 4 (2)

Sooooo much more to come!

Thanks to all my Patrons who help me share this journey and help more people realize this awesome dream─to live, travel and be on the water.