25 Lessons Learned at the Yard

(All lessons are free today!)

#1  Use the right tool for the job.


#2:  Wear the right pants for the job.


#3: Acetone is good at removing the outer layer of plastic and skin.


#5:  Wear gloves.  Nuff said.

photo (13)

#6:  And masks!

photo (28)

#7: Selfies at the shipyard are not cool.


#8:  Clean the boat out before hauling out (but leave Band-Aids).


#9: Cover the entire boat in butcher paper the minute you get to the yard.  (And don’t thumbs up a dirty boat.  It’s not a sign of hard work, it’s a sign of not protecting your decks.  We are still cleaning up this mess.  Bad Annie.  Bad!)


#10:  Cover anything that might get stained or marred with towels or blue tape (preferably before you stain or mar it)!


#11:  Label every single screw (nut, bolt, washer, etc.) you take out.


#12:  Label every boat part you take off and where it goes (starboard aft, port fore, 1, 2, 3, etc.).  Generally no part on the boat fits into a different spot.  It must go back from whence it came!


#13:  Measure twice, cut once.  (Often once is the only opportunity you’ll get.)


#14: Anytime you think of something that needs to be done or procured write it down.  Get it on the list before you forget.


#15: (Even when covered in bottom-job paint) shipyard selfies … still not cool.

photo 3

#16:  When disconnecting electronics, make a detailed chart.

photo 1 photo 2

#17:  When reconnecting electronics, do not consume alcohol.  (We found two stray chard caps in the bilge post-shipyard.  Bad Annie!)

photo 5

#18: Anti-fog.  Nuff said.


#19:  Try to find beauty in every day.


#20:  Try to find a little humor along the way.  (Honest to God strip club we passed often on the way to the yard.)


“Don’t worry, your mom quit,” the sign says.  “Come on in!”


#21:  If at all possible, leave your mark where it won’t be visible.


#22:  Working in places that aren’t really visible is no excuse to do sloppy work (Brandon rule).


#23:  No matter how big the job may seem, it is always (always!) worth it.

photo 1 (1)

#24:  No matter how big the job may seem, it is never (ever!) over.  (Post-yard mast climb to get the stack pack squared away!)

Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 3.20.32 PM

#25:  Even mid-mast-climb, selfies … still not cool Annie.  Not.  Cool.

Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 3.17.02 PM


A big thanks to all my Patrons who help make these fun lessons for newbie cruisers possible!  If you want to go cruising, get inspired.  Get on board.


11 thoughts on “25 Lessons Learned at the Yard

  • Well Done Annie! Love reading your posts! And……..every one o the 25 things I already knew….but never put them in a blog….with pics and selfies yet !!! yeah, they WERE… COOL!

    • Thanks Brian. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the write-ups. I do hope to find more time to do more, substantive writing now that we’re out of the yard, but I had to share these fun little blurbs as they popped into my mind. So glad you’re enjoying the journey!

      • I was in that yard on Feb 19th, left that afternoon, spent time walking around the yard. Delivered a Beneteau 442 from there to Davis Islands in Tampa. Not sure when you hauled out or if you were there then, but sounds like I just missed you. We’ll cross paths sometime, especiall if you head to Tampa Bay.

  • Been there. Impressed with your patience and persistence. Now for some Springtime Cruising.

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  • Rule number 4#. The most important rule.
    If you can’t get there on time, get there when
    You can. If is morning, bring breakfast,
    If it’s noon bring lunch. If it’s five o’clock
    Bring beer or rum.

    • Ha ha haaaa! It’s a good thing I’ve got you on my side Brandon, to help me through my blonde moments. Alright, 8am bring biscuits. 12pm bring fried chicken. 5pm bring booze. Got it. Thanks B.

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