Boat #4: 1985 Gulf Star 44

Come aboard as I get a full on-the-water tour of this impressive 1985 Gulf Star 45 Hirsch model, only 1 of 30 built, a moderate-sized, comfortable coastal cruiser suitable for a family of four.  Thank Brandon with Perdido Sailor, Inc. for the tour!

Finding these boat tours helpful?  Awesome.  Help me film more!  And, let me know certain boats you would like to see.  I’ve got a Beneteau, an Island Packet and, a real treat, my first motor vessel, this Mama Jama, which I’m going to call an almost-mega yacht.



All coming live to you soon!  If you’ve enjoying the tours, please support the cause!



3 thoughts on “Boat #4: 1985 Gulf Star 44

  • Annie: Love the videos. So long as they are fun for you, we’ll repeatedly enjoy those you post. My mom used to VCR cruisers as M&D went back and forth on the ICW. Sadly, they are all lost. Lots of great characters hamming it for the old girl.

    Two ideas. One, see if you can find a Gemini 105 catamaran. They are remarkable little boats. The second idea is more fun… maybe. Video a man overboard recovery. I mean the part where you winch Philip back on deck. I have done this with owners I have coached. It is crazy hard to do and results in some very funny outcomes. (Wear a tank suit!)

    Suggest a raft up and multiple sailors/boats. Cocktails may follow the exercise. May…?

  • Beneteau is my favorite manufacturer. I remember I had a similar one when I was a young man. That was a while ago. It’s interesting if you show Beneteau.

    • Thanks for the comment! Beneteaus are definitely popular boats. I haven’t done a tour in a while, but if I come across one willing to show off their beauty Bene, I’ll consider it. Thanks!

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