#63: Cruising in Pensacola

Enough with the shipyard!  I think you kids need a little flashback break and a glimpse of what all this hard work is for and the fantastic cruising grounds we have right here in our home port of Pensacola.  Enjoy!  (But don’t you get lazy … we’re getting right back to work next time!  Just a few more projects and that boat will be pimped out, rigged up and ready for blue waters!)

And … little glimpse in the life of Annie.  Life is SO FULL for this little sailor right now.  I’m about to embark on an incredible adventure which I will announce on the blog THIS FRIDAY!  I’m working on a really cool trailer for that this week.  I’m also working hard on the book as well as I plan to publish it THIS MAY so you all have another salty Annie saga to relish while I’m off adventuring.  Not to mention all of my normal HaveWind stuff that I need to stockpile so it can publish on schedule in my wake.  I wouldn’t want you all to go through Annie withdrawals!  I do it all for you, because I couldn’t do it without you.  Thanks to you all, my Patrons, fans and subscribers, who have shown me such love and support!  HaveWind is about to Travel to new heights!  Buckle up!

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2 thoughts on “#63: Cruising in Pensacola

  • Ahh, Life is good. The winds fair, the water warm and smooth, the sails drawing full, the sound of the water passing the hull, the smell of the air and the quiet tranquility of being on the hook.
    It just does not get any better. Somehow out there everything is in HD and life is all around you filling every sensory to the max. For me Sailing always does that. The moment the motor stops all is well and right.
    Thanks Annie

    • Couldn’t agree more Rick. That is our absolute favorite sound on the boat. There’s that beeeeep when Phillip pulls the kill engine switch and then the blessed water-slush soliloquy that follows. Nothing but waves on the hull. Ahhhh …

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