#62: No Water in the Bilge!

How will we do it?  With a sump box.  The sump box rocks.  But, we had to seal up the anchor chain locker first (quite the chore) and run all the hoses.  Thanks to Brandon with http://www.perdidosailor.com/ also for devising a cool way to re-purpose an old pump to move the water overboard.  Enjoy the show!

I have some big news to share soon but I am waiting for a few variables to be determined and other chips to fall into place before I can announce it.  Please be patient and know that I am working hard over here to bring you all something very BIG.  A once in a lifetime adventure that I will share with you.  This whole HaveWind lallapalooza is a labor of love, for sure, but I do love it and it feels amazing when so many people write me and tell me I’ve inspired them to start dreaming, start boat shopping, buy a boat (*gulp*) or even quit their job to go cruising (*double gulp*).  If you have enjoyed the show, please support our cause knowing amazing things are in the works!


4 thoughts on “#62: No Water in the Bilge!

  • Hey Annie,
    I have to say you did a top notch job with all the repairs made. The fit and finish is top rate. Nice job with the sump box install. Watching you climb into those small spaces is fun. I have been in places/spaces that I was wondering if I would see the light of day again LOL.
    Sealing the chain locker is a good idea, just remember that all the mud and debris will end up in the hose going to the sump box so you will have to mind that and clean it or you will have a nice bow holding tank. You were using hole saws without the center pilot bit! that is why it would run all over the work piece. You Need that center pilot bit to control the hole saw and guide it. I really like that everything under the floors is finished off and really clean. Now I have to go and paint mine again…damn!

    • Hey Rick! Thanks for watching. Yes, us DIY’ers like to do things the hard (and not-so-right) way. We eventually found the pilot bit and every hole cut after that was slick and clean. But, you know I’ll always share our screw-ups for your ultimate viewing pleasure. Good call on the mud and muck in the locker. We always spray our chain thoroughly (with a raw water deck wash at the bow) before letting her drop in the bin, but I’m sure some mud gets by me (although not much!). We’ll keep an eye on it!

  • Hey Annie, I cannot wait to see you guys back on the water!! I really hope that you are back out there soon 🙂

    One thing I was wondering was how do you use all the music that you do on the videos? My husband tried to post videos with famous songs on youtube and he got in trouble with youtube and they took down his videos…is there something you pay money to so you can use the music?

    • Hey Admiral! That’s so much. Handful of episodes and we’ll splash on the vlog soon. I’ve got a few more interesting projects to share. Regarding the music, yeah it can be a pain. I love music. It adds so much personal memory to the videos. But yes YouTube will bust you. I splice it. Only ten seconds at a time stitched together. That’s why I only do recognizable music for a brief stint then back to the royalty free. Glad you guys are making videos though. I want to see them.

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