#62: No Water in the Bilge!

How will we do it?  With a sump box.  The sump box rocks.  But, we had to seal up the anchor chain locker first (quite the chore) and run all the hoses.  Thanks to Brandon with http://www.perdidosailor.com/ also for devising a cool way to re-purpose an old pump to move the water overboard.  Enjoy the show!

I have some big news to share soon but I am waiting for a few variables to be determined and other chips to fall into place before I can announce it.  Please be patient and know that I am working hard over here to bring you all something very BIG.  A once in a lifetime adventure that I will share with you.  This whole HaveWind lallapalooza is a labor of love, for sure, but I do love it and it feels amazing when so many people write me and tell me I’ve inspired them to start dreaming, start boat shopping, buy a boat (*gulp*) or even quit their job to go cruising (*double gulp*).  If you have enjoyed the show, please support our cause knowing amazing things are in the works!