#64: Have Wind Will Cross the ATLANTIC!

I never would have dreamed three years ago that I would quit the practice, become a sailor and cross an ocean in 2016, but it looks like I will!  And, I’ve never been to France.  What a way to go!  The Captain will be creating his own videos/short film from the passage, so he asked that I only share my footage and content on a smaller, non-public platform.  Small price to pay, in my mind, for such an incredible opportunity.  I hope you will join me for this journey!  I will be sharing my entire experience, photos, footage, tracking, etc. on Patreon starting … NOW!  There’s already a welcome message waiting there for you.

Get inspired and get on board for this once-in-a-lifetime voyage!

10 thoughts on “#64: Have Wind Will Cross the ATLANTIC!

  • Wow………….what an adventure, and I look forward to following your journey – vicariously! I crossed Lake Michigan in a 42’ Bertram power boat in a storm and saw my life flash before my eyes several times as our bow went under.

    Most impressed – gulp. When do you launch? How about a launch party?


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    • Hey Randy. Thank you! It is quite the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sign up on Patreon so you’ll have a front seat to the whole experience. That is the only platform I can share it on. We launch end of May/early June. I’m liking this idea of a party … you may be onto something. Get on board so you don’t miss the show! https://www.patreon.com/havewindwilltravel?ty=c

  • Awesome adventure! I crossed atlantic back in 1998 on a 65 foot sailboat. I loved the trade winds, always blowing between 12 and 18 knots from behind the boat. We left Tortola in late July and took 11 1/2 days to get the the Azores islands. We were on port jibe for 11 days and on starboard jibe for 1/2 day. The Azores are beautiful so I hope you will have some time to explore. We left the Azores and arrived in Falmouth England 8 1/2 days later. Then did some coastal cruising along the English coast to Dartmouth. So I was at sea for a total of 20 days and only had 2 days of bad weather, pretty lucky. It’s one hell of an adventure to cross off your bucket list. Enjoy!

    • Wow! A port jibe for 11 days. That sounds like heaven. Thanks for the well wishes Tucker. I’m really excited. It’s going to be a great boat to make the trip on. I hope you’ll join me on Patreon!

  • Congratulations!

    Crossing the Atlantic is a great experience, even if you only learn that these kind of passages is not for you. It’s different from hopping from one nice anchorage to the next – not necessarily better, probably a lot worse. The boredom combined with lack of sleep because of the watch rotation is glamorous only in the pub months later. But it’s great to know you can do it and whether you want to do it again.

    • Thanks Popsi. This is exactly the kind of honest response I love to hear. I may hate it. I doubt that but it’s possible. But I want to know what it’s like and say I’ve done it. So here we go! Thanks for this. I’m looking forward to the pub bragging rights.

  • Annie: Just went over to Chatham Light House to look at the Atlantic. My home ocean. A nice Nor’ Easter blowing. Good sailing weather except that it is chilly. No, it is cold, in the 40s. Three days of NE and then a week or so of Westerlies, then a NE wind. Once we left for Tortola on Dec 15th from Newport, coldest day of the year. Something like 15 deg F at 0500 when the diesel was fired up. Once in the Atlantic, it warmed up. In the Gulf Stream it was balmy even with a cold NW wind. The Atlantic is beautiful all year… to me. Hope you find it so, too.

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