You’re Not Going to Blast it on YouTube?

Why would you sign up for the passage then?

While I have received approximately 93.8 questions since I shared the exciting news that I will be crossing the Atlantic on a non-stop voyage this June, many ranging from the comical to concerned, the well-founded to the what-in-the-world?, but this one“Why would you go if you can’t share it on YouTube?”really frustrated me.  I think it’s important I take a moment to make sure my platform and message here is clear.

I love to write and film and share my journey, but first and foremost in that is my desire to embark on journeys.  The experience is primary.  The ability to share the experience with the masses is secondary.  What I hope I have conveyed and achieved here is my goal to document and share my journey so that it inspires others to follow their dreams, including the desire to go cruising.  Is it my goal to share the story and experience of a friend who has asked that I not?  No.  Never.  Any time a fellow cruiser has asked me and any time one may ask me in the future: “Please don’t film this” (or “Please don’t blast this on YouTube”), I will gladly honor that request, not unfriend him, stomp away in a huff and lose the experience of his company.

Okay, rant over.  But that had to be said.  If any of YOU out there are struggling to start and grow your own sailing blog or YouTube channel and have ever found it, at any point in time, frustrating, please remember cruising is about the experience.  If something in your life is hindering that experience, take a step back and assess its importance to you and your attitude about it.  Do and create things you love and don’t worry about those who cast hate on it.

I am excited about this Atlantic-crossing trip, exuberant really.  The Captain’s request is well-founded, legitimate and I am grateful he honored my request to share my content about the Atlantic-crossing on Patreon.  If you feel a couple dollars a week is worth it for the experience?  Wonderful.  If you don’t?  Wonderful.  It will not deter me in any way from continuing to share my Atlantic content on Patreon and my as-always free content on YouTube and here on the blog.

As a treat, here is a fun little snippet of the video I’m working hard on for Friday about our “work project of the re-fit.”  Also, because I knew I would soon be doing some serious traveling (“What?  Where to?” France people!  Try to keep up!), I finally had to roll over and upgrade my long-time friend and two-year running $115 Chromebook and exclusive use of online video editing software to a computer that would allow me to create videos and write offline.  This is the first little mini movie I made on the new MacBook using iMovie and (and!) I got a new mic for Voiceover Annie.  *applause*   Enjoy!

I’m also very excited about where things are going with the Nonsuch book.  Phillip, as it seems he always does (he’s kind of annoyingly awesome that way), came up with a fantastic idea for an overall theme and fun spin on the book and I’m typing away fervently every day trying to work it in.  I will send out a request soon for advanced readers so some of you (you’ll have to jump on it quick!) can get a free glimpse of the book in exchange for an honest Amazon review.  Plenty of HaveWind goodness to come!

On Patreon this week, I will be sharing more details about the Atlantic trip and will try to answer some of the many (far more legitimate … that’s the last time I will say it) questions I have received about the trip:

1) When are you leaving?  

2) Why Non-Stop?

3)  Are You Paid Crew? 

If you’re interested and inclined …

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If you’re not?  No worries!  ; )  I’ll catch you here on Wednesday.

22 thoughts on “You’re Not Going to Blast it on YouTube?

  • Well said. The journey is first you, Annie. I’m just happy to vicariously share your ride…as you choose. Thanks for the encouragement to us to fulfill our dreams. Go fulfill yours with Godspeed !!

    • Thanks Todd. I appreciate it. I hope that didn’t come off too scathing but I was almost appalled by that question. I hope to always encourage people to pursue their own adventure, whatever that might be, but to be sure they remain focused on what’s important to them while they do. It’s been fun having you along Todd. Plenty of HaveWind goodness to come, on all sorts of fronts. The past couple of years have been such a rich, wild, hilarious life-changing experience for me and I have enjoyed the snot out of sharing it here.

  • You have never said this is your intent but it is OK to earn money off your experiences. Regardless if the captain had requested it or not, if you wanted to do this to encourage people to sign up for Patreon, then good for you!!! People who want or expect everything in life to be free don’t understand how the world works. You are probably working 40+ hours a week shooting and editing video and writing blogs. If you were not getting rewarded in some way, you would eventually stop. It just isn’t feasible to put in all that effort and not see a reward.

    • Well said Admiral. I am lucky that my earnings from other more professional writing endeavors (writing marketing pieces and blogs for legal clients) has allowed me to spend (like you said easily 40+ hours some weeks) putting together all of the HaveWind goodness you see here for earnings that are dwarfed by my paying marketing clients. It totally violates my 80/20 rule but if I continue to do it, that tells me there is a reason — I LOVE IT. Because I do. It is fun to share my experiences, it just does not trump my desire to have the experience. Appreciate you reading and commenting.

  • Just getting into making videos ourselves, it’s amazing how much work goes into it! You absolutely have to love it, or it’s pointless. And life is too short to worry about haters. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to the new book. The last one cracked me up.😂

    • Thanks Jennifer. Yes, it is a labor of love for sure but isn’t the end-product so fun. I have a helluva time going back and watching some of our videos. It’s like a virtual scrapbook. Glad you’re getting into it. Can’t wait to see some of your productions! Glad you liked the book (was it Salt of Keys?). I’ll let you know when the advanced readers offer is coming up on the new one.

      • I had to go check my Kindle. It was Salt of a Sailor! (Good thing I checked, I thought for sure it was Keys to the Kingdom…)
        I noticed similarities in our childhoods that kept me laughing. Would love to know when the advanced readers offer happens!

      • Oh, so glad to hear it. I definitely grew up with some impressive, hilarious “characters” that I will never forget. They shaped and inspired me. So, have you read Keys? If not, I will email you a free copy. Advanced readers offer will announce soon … I’ve got to finish writing it first. *gulp* There are never enough hours in the day! Life is certainly full for this little sailor. So glad to have you on board Jennifer!

      • Oh al-riiiiggght. Just sent a quick email. Then you’re right … back to it! I’m the worst boss I’ve ever had. Cracking that whip. Whoo-pssh! Enjoy the free read!

  • In my other reply I forgot to mention “bring warm clothes including a hat and gloves and warm bedding”. The water is cold in the north atlantic, even in the middle of summer. We didn’t have an autopilot on the boat I crossed on so the person steering wore warm gloves so the steel steering wheel didn’t freeze their hands (ok, my hands didn’t literally freeze but after 3 hours driving they were really cold without gloves.) and make sure your foul weather gear is in good shape.

    • Hey Tucker. Thanks for the advice. This is the kind of stuff I like to hear. I do have a pair of gloves (both soft cotton (Columbia) and neoprene that we use for kite-surfing, which I think will do well. I have a full on bib and jacket, Third Reef brand from West Marine as well as lighter Patagonia and other layers. But, it helps to keep thinking about these things as I DO NOT like to be cold. Appreciate the advice!

  • Hey Annie, the only thing I can say to you is you go girl. I knew you were going to cross the Atlantic when you first said you had a surprise to tell us about a passage. I just wasn’t sure in which direction you were going to go, Easter or West. This is a chance of a lifetime for you and I know you’re going to love it. You have the spirit that allows you to excel and move forward. I’m glad that you get it and this time is about you. The fact that you share it with so many is special and I thank you for that. I know that’s a lot of work and commitment. Everybody’s going to tell you what to take and what to do and you’ll take a little bit of this a little bit of that from what they say. But ultimately you take care of yourself and you make your own decisions based on all the information and I know you’re going to do that. You’re going to love the Azores. This is an experience that’s going to change you forever, lucky you. So to that I say I wish you the absolute best and Fair Winds

    • Thanks Rick. You’ve been a true supporter and friend from the start. Folks like you make it all worth it. To the extent I can share it, you’ll be right there with me! Glad to have you along for the ride!

    • Thanks George. Hey, you’re a one-time donor through the website, so I’ll transfer your funds over to a weekly donation and get you hooked up on Patreon. That way you can be along for the entire ride! Whoo hoo! You should get the confirmation email soon. I’ll email you your password.

  • Once again, I’m totally jealous 🙂
    Enjoy your trip, it’ll be all over before you know it.

    • Thanks George. I’m excited and honored to be going. You’re probably right. It will either be the longest or shortest three weeks of my life!

  • Long passages being a lot of routine, it’s also quite hard to make good videos about them. The usual formula for the whole passage is: Here we leave, here we have the windpilot in action, here we caught a fish, here it blows, here we’re becalmed and do some swimming, here we have a cool dinner in the middle of nowhere, here we use the spinnaker/blister/parasailor, here we have a sunset and here we arrive. It’s rare a video-blogger manages more than two interesting videos from a passage.

    Boat-work is a lot easier subject, because the problems provide the script and the action for the videos.

    Enjoy your trip and have fun in France.

    • Hey Popsi. I have to say your experience and honesty is much appreciated here. I have to agree that I believe it will be easier to make project videos because they script themselves but I am sure we will run into issues-turned-projects out there. Otherwise I think log style updates on crew, conditions and provisions would be interesting. Good news is I’ll have a LOT of time to think about a new angle. I can tell you one thing, the book is going to be the best creative product to come out of it!

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