Have Gas Will Travel

Even with ocean travel on the horizon, I still think some of my most memorable adventures spawn from some of the smallest excursions.  I had to share this one with you.  Whether you’re headed home for a family reunion, setting off on a random road trip for the weekend, or just headed out to paddle around the bayou, don’t let the chance for an adventure slip by you!

This past weekend Phillip and I hitched a ride in an RV to a good ole’ Alabama wedding with our friends, Boat Repair Badass Brandon and his wife Christine.  A good buddy of ours (for those of you hard core Salt of a Sailor fans, it was actually the “Ringer” we brought along when we looked at that first Pacific Seacraft with Hookmouth!) got hitched this past Saturday in the beautiful back country of Lillian, Alabama and being the classy folks we are, Phillip, Brandon, Christine and I decided to roll up to that party Uncle Eddie style in Christine’s folks’ RV and rock that party out.  I believe this story would be told best through mere captions alone.  I give you: Have Gas Will Travel


“Brandon, can we hitch a ride to the wedding?”


“Thanks B.  Pick us up at the No Loading Zone.”


Have roadies will travel.


Shotgun selfie.


We’re here, and “Shitter’s full!


“Better make the bed while I still know how.”


“Are the girls falling out yet?”


“Nope, not yet.  You should drink some more.”




Phillip:  “How’s my hair?”


Brandon:  “No pictures with britches off.”


Can you bring to-go drinks into a wedding?


“I’m getting some of that pig.”


The higher the hair, the closer to God.  We love you Camy!


“What happened last night?”


“Well … Christine drove our asses to Pirates Cove and parked it last night.”


Scratch that:  “Christine drove our asses to Pirate’s Cove and ran aground.”


“It got soft,” she said.


“Is that the community tractor?”


“You got to floor it,” Brandon says.


“Is that a proximity alarm?”


“‘Preciate it.”


“Dude, where’s my RV?”


Time for breakfast at the Cove.


“Morning!” says the man brushing his teeth.  (Typical morning at the Cove.)


Bloodies all around, please.


“Cheers!  To Phillip’s bloody birthday!”


Nuff said.


Found the perfect book for my followers in the book swap.


Found a lot of other stuff, too.


Hangover cure.  And best greasy breakfast sandwich in Alabama.


Cutest puppy in … the WORLD!  (And almost the new second mate on s/v Plaintiff’s Rest!)


Time to cruise home.


I can see why Dani and Tate are doing it.


If you haven’t checked out our good buddies, Dani and Tate’s RV Coast-to-Coast vlog – DO!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.05.23 PM

We had a great time glimpsing the RV life.  Turns out RVs are way easier to maintain than boats, the gas right now is super cheap and (who knew?) but you can stay free in Wal-Mart parking lots.  Sure helps with provisioning, and I believe I’d have a helluva time watching the People of Wal-Mart traipse by my living room window.

Something tells me, though, we would miss the water a little too much.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.17.00 PM

We’ll sail for now, but when the time and circumstances are right, RV’ing is definitely on the list!  How about you all.  Any RV’ers out there?

Atlantic crossing update: We splashed the Catamaran yesterday and took her out for a test ride (first for the crew).  It was a gorgeous day out there and (if my goofy smile doesn’t full capture it) we had a great time testing out some of the systems.  I’ll be posting some pics on Patreon this morning.


4 thoughts on “Have Gas Will Travel

  • RVing was actually our first plan but the call of the sea is too strong so now our plan is to get a boat sail around Mobile for a few years then retire and cruise for about five years. When we get bored or too old sell the boat by and RV and head off into the sunset for as long as we’re able.

    • Love it! Sounds like a great plan George. I definitely had a great time watching the world go by my living room window. It’s quite entertaining the places you see and people you meet. Better to have fewer things and take your “home” with you all over the world. Fair winds or smooth roads! : )

  • RV’ing is what we just finished up doing on our raw land for about 18months. Loved it even when we had no septic tank and had to haul our “stuff” to the weigh station 15 miles round trip. We had our 5th wheel set up with skirting so taking her with us was not an option, so we had portable black water tank. It had a handle a wheels! 🙂 Talk about fully understanding the term “the shitter’s full”. It was a Saturday morning chore along with the garbage run. For the first several months we didn’t even have water hookups so had to fill jerry jugs of water to fill our tank.
    Now we are back in a big house and miss it (meaning the small scale RV life style) so much, shitter runs included. Hence the new sailing dream and can’t wait to move on and out of this house and try the sailing life. Lots to learn and do to get there. In the mean time I love living vicariously through your adventures. You go girl!

    • Oh … my … God. Becky, look at her tank. That was hilarious. Angie you crack my “stuff” up. “Shitter runs included.” Buhahahaaa. Thanks so much for sharing this. It was quite graphic but captured the joy and work of the lifestyle which is probably what made it so rich. You get on that boat soon, you here. There’s so many other shitty jobs for you to enjoy while cruising!

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