#65: Worst Project of the Re-Fit

You might have thought it was the rigging, or the bottom job, or the (oh yeah) falling-off keel but you’d be wrong.  It was the horrendous job of popping our our windows, scraping away the mess, replacing the crackled lexan, then painting and putting them back in.  Particularly when one was 5,200’ed (that’s a word) in.  Subscribe.  Share.  Don’t use 5200.  Ever.  And enjoy!

9 thoughts on “#65: Worst Project of the Re-Fit

  • I used to hate 5200 and swore I would never use it again.
    Then 3 months later I found I needed 5200 for some project….
    And that was 20 years ago .
    Necessary evil!

  • Hi Annie,
    You are right, I have done that job I can’t even tell you how many times. I have a lot of secrets on how to do it that I’ve learned over the years. But it is never easy and is really a pain. The cleanup is the worst. 5200 what a bad choice that was. We use lifesteal and it works quite well.
    But the job is done and it looks great and you did it. Now you have an appreciation for what it takes. You’ve really gotten to know every square inch of that boat. Good job you too, I feel for you. But you learned and you did it and that’s the most important part.

    • Thanks Rick. Lifesteal huh? I’ll have to look into that. Yes, while the new lexan is definitely pretty to look through if that port aft window hadn’t been leaking and I had it to do over again, between you and me (and everyone else reading this I suppose) I don’t think I would have taken on this job. Let them be crackled for all I care!

      • Oopps,
        That was Lifeseal
        Not Lifeseal
        Damn voice speech
        LOL I hate it when it does that

  • 5200…. oh is that fun. Just got through using it on some sanitation fittings – but no ways should it ever be used around fiberglass. I’ve seen it totally delaminate hull sections, its that strong.

    • Wow really? Yeah, that stuff was a chore and a half to get off. We tried some anti bonding agent that helped but did not take it off completely. Thanks for watching.

  • Taking parts to the hot rod shop for blasting? Wear something slinky. Wear something tiny. Makeup to perfection. Oh, and wear something slinky. And did I mention tiny? Gets them every time and likely for free. It also works really well checking into foreign ports! With Deb’s 36DD she was a master. Ken

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