Boat #8: 1988 (Slow Boat to the Bahamas!) Island Packet 31

Celebrity boat tour here!  Our very own fellow sailing author, blogger and podcaster, Linus Wilson’s, 1988 Island Packet 31 — THE Slow Boat to the Bahamas.  Not only do you get a glimpse of my SlowBoatSailing video podcast interview, but also an in-depth insightful tour of Linus’s boat — rigged out for Panama via Cuba — but ALSO a live vocal performance from his recently-recruited crew member: Stevie Vagabond.  Thank Linus for his hospitality.  Be on the lookout for my podcast interview to publish on his SlowBoatSailing website (it may already be out now!) and — most importantly — enjoy the tour!

If it’s June 24th, I can’t even begin to imagine where I’m at right now.  In France?  In the middle of Atlantic?  Pinned down in Bermuda waiting on parts.  I have no clue.  Only adventure is in store.  Join the journey.  Get inspired.  Get on board on Patreon.


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