Happy Buns in the Sport-a-Seat

“We can’t have you crossing with unhappy buns!” Christian said.  Love that guy.  Do  any of you have these: the famous Sport-a-Seat?


To be honest, I didn’t know we did until the fine Sport-a-Seat folks reached out to me.  What I DID know was that we had as set of the best, most functional deck chairs anyone could dream up.  Ours (two forest green ratchet chairs) were on our fantastic Niagara 35 when we bought her back in 2013.  We started using them during our inaugural shakedown Salt of a Sailor passage and after that, we NEVER left the dock without them.  These seats are our chairs, our cushions, our couch, our everything.  Even before we brought the cockpit cushions back on the boat after the re-fit, we brought the Sport-a-Seats first and went out for the weekend with only those.


Hard bare decks meet Sport-a-Seats and a happy magic happens.  They’re literally all we need!

So, recently the Sport-a-Seat folks reached out to me via my YouTube channel asking if the deck chairs we were sitting on in some of our videos were Sport-a-Seats.  Having no clue, I said “Of course!” but at the first chance, I confirmed and sure enough they ARE:


Once I told the Sport-a-Seat people how much these ratcheting bun pleasers really meant to us, they said they simply could not see us crossing the Atlantic on unhappy buns.  Couldn’t agree more Christian.  Now, our old tried and true comfort companions are going to make the trip with us:


We have now donated them as incredibly valuable new boat assets for our French Captain, his wife and family for their years of live-aboard cruising to come.

Captain says: “Could there BE any more comfy seat?”


No, there can’t.

Now, when Phillip and I fly back from France we’ll have fresh new Sport-a-Seats waiting here for us to use during our local cruising this summer as well as our trip to the Keys, Cuba and beyond this winter.  Thank you Sport-a-Seat!  And, to share the love, I also asked them if they could offer you all a discount for your very own bun pleasers and they happily agreed.  Enter Promo Code “HWWT15” for a 15% discount!


Thank Christian and Patty at Sport-a-Seat for their generosity, contact them at 800-870-SEAT or sportaseat@aol.com if you have any questions about their fantastic deck chairs and tell them Annie from HaveWindWillTravel.com sent you!

10 thoughts on “Happy Buns in the Sport-a-Seat

  • This is old school shameless marketing at its best! But hey, your butt is comfy! Nice shot of the Fl state park in background. Great place to learn to tack a dinghy 50 times upwind and up current trying to get into big lagoon! Seat cushions would have made that effort considerably more comfortable!

    • Totally shameless! But, if folks reach out to you and offer their incredible products (Phillip and I know from years of heavy use) shameless marketing is in high order! And, the discount they offered was really cool. You will not go wrong with these seats, trust me. They go with us everywhere! And, kudos on the state park mention. We love Florida’s natural parks and reservations. We’ve got some beautiful coastline that, thankfully, some really smart folks decided long ago to preserve! It’s a great place to live! And, tacking practice makes for great sailors! Thanks for following John!

  • Might be shameless John but oh so good! I like it when others not only recommend great products but get me a discount as well. Everyone has heard “when the wife ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy” (ain’t is southern talk) well, same applies to my butt and hers. “When our butts ain’t happy, we ain’t happy!” Yay Annie, second positive recommendation I have read on these seats. We’ll be getting some soon.

    • You won’t go wrong Lyle, trust me. We’ve been using our old two on s/v Andanza every step of the way on this trip, and for so many purposes! A seat, a lounger, a cushion … just last night we laid it across the overhead hatch in our berth to block out the super bright dock light at the marina and I slept like a baby! Patty and Christian have been so nice and fun to deal with too. You can feel their passion for boating and their excitement in making happy buns out of more sailors! Definitely reach out to them and let them know I sent you. Thanks Lyle!

  • Thanks – I hope your travels are safe! Just ordered two of the chairs…was planning on it and looking for reviews. Was awesome to find the discount. My buns thank you too!

    • Sweet! I just talked to Christian and Patty and they said they got your order. That’s awesome. Your buns will thank you I promise. We have used ours for so many different sitting (and non-sitting!) purposes. They go with us everywhere! Thanks again for following and I’m so glad the coupon helped you out. Enjoy the chairs!

  • Just ordered me one….bought wifey a cheap knock off a few months ago. No doubt that will get handed down to me once she gets her hands on the new one! Thanks for the review, referral and discount!

    • Okay, bonus points for jumping on the discount. Patty and Christian are going to be thrilled to hear it. I think I have racked up three HWWT sales so far. Lots of happy buns. And, even MORE bonus points for a) calling the wife “wifey” (that’s hilarious) and b) only allowing her the new one ONCE she gets her hands on it. My kind of man indeed ; ). Ha. You guys will not be disappointed. We used the snot out of our original Sport-a-Seats (which are now enjoying their new home on s/v Andanza in France!) and are excited to crack open the new ones and give them the same treatment this summer/fall. Enjoy the seats. Thanks for reaching out and letting me know you bought one!

  • Up your count sold to 5 now, I just ordered 2! Thanks for the review, and for the videos you put out, as novice sailors with big dreams our family really appreciates it!

    • Wow, thank you Erin! That’s fantastic news. I’ll pass this along to Patty and Christian at Sport-a-Seat and let them know they’re creating more Happy Buns out there! Seriously, Phillip and I absolutely love ours. We do not leave the dock without them. I truly wonder how many hours my buns spent in our first set. Hundreds perhaps. So glad you’re enjoying what we’re putting out. We do it for the dreamers! “Get Inspired and Get on Board!” says Video Annie. Thanks for the kind words. If you haven’t read any of my sailing books yet, I’m happy to share free copies any time. Just shoot me an email anniedike@gmail.com.

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