Happy Buns in the Sport-a-Seat

“We can’t have you crossing with unhappy buns!” Christian said.  Love that guy.  Do  any of you have these: the famous Sport-a-Seat?


To be honest, I didn’t know we did until the fine Sport-a-Seat folks reached out to me.  What I DID know was that we had as set of the best, most functional deck chairs anyone could dream up.  Ours (two forest green ratchet chairs) were on our fantastic Niagara 35 when we bought her back in 2013.  We started using them during our inaugural shakedown Salt of a Sailor passage and after that, we NEVER left the dock without them.  These seats are our chairs, our cushions, our couch, our everything.  Even before we brought the cockpit cushions back on the boat after the re-fit, we brought the Sport-a-Seats first and went out for the weekend with only those.


Hard bare decks meet Sport-a-Seats and a happy magic happens.  They’re literally all we need!

So, recently the Sport-a-Seat folks reached out to me via my YouTube channel asking if the deck chairs we were sitting on in some of our videos were Sport-a-Seats.  Having no clue, I said “Of course!” but at the first chance, I confirmed and sure enough they ARE:


Once I told the Sport-a-Seat people how much these ratcheting bun pleasers really meant to us, they said they simply could not see us crossing the Atlantic on unhappy buns.  Couldn’t agree more Christian.  Now, our old tried and true comfort companions are going to make the trip with us:


We have now donated them as incredibly valuable new boat assets for our French Captain, his wife and family for their years of live-aboard cruising to come.

Captain says: “Could there BE any more comfy seat?”


No, there can’t.

Now, when Phillip and I fly back from France we’ll have fresh new Sport-a-Seats waiting here for us to use during our local cruising this summer as well as our trip to the Keys, Cuba and beyond this winter.  Thank you Sport-a-Seat!  And, to share the love, I also asked them if they could offer you all a discount for your very own bun pleasers and they happily agreed.  Enter Promo Code “HWWT15” for a 15% discount!


Thank Christian and Patty at Sport-a-Seat for their generosity, contact them at 800-870-SEAT or sportaseat@aol.com if you have any questions about their fantastic deck chairs and tell them Annie from HaveWindWillTravel.com sent you!