#79: How to DIY Inspect, Repair & Replace Rigging

Thank goodness we went with the hi-mods, as we were able to change these out ourselves and get our (newly-stepped) rig back up and going again on our own, without having to call in a rigger.  Just some fun tips for you all that we learned while trying to drop a new main halyard, stepping the mast to re-configure the mast cap and changing out the hi-mods.  Hope you all find some useful tidbits in here. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

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One thought on “#79: How to DIY Inspect, Repair & Replace Rigging

  • I noticed something very smart about the re-rig process: screw the body of the turn buckle to the lower part first, then screw the body into the upper/wire end part second. If the turnbuckle ever backs off, it will fall off the wire and onto the deck still attached to the lower part. That makes a world of difference between body on the ocean floor and turnbuckle body on the deck!

    Yes, I have experienced the desired result once.

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