#88: 30 Days Across the Atlantic (Season Five Premiere!)

Friends, followers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from HaveWindWillTravel!  A real treat for you here, available for the first time to my entire audience: my two-hour movie from our trans-Atlantic.  For those of you who are new, Phillip and I had the good fortune to be invited as part of a four-member crew to cross the Atlantic, sailing from Florida to France, this past June on a 46’ catamaran and I created my first full-length film documenting our journey.  I thought it would be a great way to kick off Season Five of our YouTube channel which will be all about our TRAVELs, with our biggest voyage of 2016!

When Captain Yannick first met me (which was around the same time he agreed to let me make this tremendous voyage with him, brave guy), he had no idea who I was really, the kind of videos I made, my audience or how I might portray him and his family on film and, because he has plans to produce video documentaries of his own someday, he initially asked that I not share the movie publicly on YouTube.  Now, after having watched many of my videos, particularly the movie itself, and with a better understanding of the purpose of my platform (to help share the realities and rewards of a cruising lifestyle) Yannick graciously granted my renewed request to let me share it with my entire audience, for free on YouTube.

So, kick back, make some hot cocoa, round up the last of the Christmas treats and enjoy the show while Phillip and I explore the vast historic castles, churches and smoky cigar holes in Cuba and work to get videos to you all from this incredible adventure as well as my sail to Isla Mujeres, Mexico this past November and our upcoming sail to Miami in February for the Miami Boat Show (we hope to see some of you there!).  Thank Captain Yannick for inviting Phillip and I on this incredible voyage and letting me share the experience with you: a crew of four on a 46’ foot catamaran, thirty days at sea across the Atlantic Ocean.  The perfect way to kick-off HaveWindWillTravel 2017!

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5 Responses to #88: 30 Days Across the Atlantic (Season Five Premiere!)

  1. Sjaak van Leeuwen says:

    Awsome and very beautiful what you guys gave us! Thanks a lot, for making me enthousiast! I love it!!!

  2. David Vaughan, SV Two Pot Screamer says:

    Anni and Phillip; Thanks so much for sharing this great adventure of your Atlantic crossing. We’ve met a few times, Fort Walton YC, Point YC and P’Cola YC, making following your adventures mean that much more. You and yours are entertaining, fun and full of life. Again, thanks for bringing it home for all of us.

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