This is it!  Our official goodbye.  We are out!  Off!  Headed to Cuba!  See you next year.  Phillip and I were dreaming about this moment every day at the shipyard, every time we encountered a new problem, found a new leak and had to break out another thousand.  It all lead to this.  We are sailing to Cuba.  We’ve spent months preparing, researching and packing and we have had a great time sharing the process with you in Season Four of the YouTube Channel in our “How To” series.  We don’t know when we’ll get wifi again or have time to put out our next video.  It may be a few weeks.  But Season Five will be all travel.  We’re taking you with us in videos to Isla Mujeres, Cuba, Key West, Miami and more.  Stay tuned and Happy Holidays Sailors!


And, as our continued thanks for all of your support and following along, we put together one last season finale for the YouTube channel talking about and showing you all of the safety gear we will be traveling with and covering our last minute checks (including one unfortunate discovery and repair of a raw water leak) before shoving off.  As always, we hope you find the information helpful (and fun!) and enjoy following along on our journey.  Stay tuned on HaveWindWillTravel’s Facebook page for updates via our Delorme tracker while we are underway.  Wish us luck and fair winds and have a fantastic Christmas!

For any of you looking to do your own offshore voyaging, I have included below a link to our complete 12-page bow-to-stern inventory of the boat in case this sparks some ideas for you of what to stock, how to stow it or how to organize it.  Included in here is all of our spares, boat supplies, food, fishing gear, safety gear, etc.  Plaintiff’s Rest is loaded down!




And, another Christmas goodie for you!  I wrote an article about our rotten stringer repair that will be coming out in the January 2017 issue of SAIL Magazine.  It gives me a tingle to think how everything is so connected and truly happens for a reason.  It was October 2015 when we watched a fleet of boats sail out of the Pensacola Pass in the Pensacola a la Habana Race and, when we saw a gallant 60-footer pass by that, Phillip and I decided–right then and there–we were going to make a plan to sail ourselves to Cuba.  We didn’t know it at the time, but it was Captain Ryan on Libra and we’ve all since become very good friends and I now have a new marketing client who I love to work for (he pays in offshore voyages ; ) … is there anything better?)  And, it was the very next weekend after we made that decision (Blue Angels November 2015) that Phillip and I found our rotten stringers.  But, Phillip decided–right then and there, with the knife blade still sticking out of the wood–that it wasn’t going to stop us.  We would haul out, do the repairs, re-rig at the same time and SAIL TO FREAKING CUBA!  It actually motivated us further and because it was so much work getting our boat ready to go, the reward is that much sweeter.  And now, right before we shove off, the story of the whole incident comes out in print for you all to read while we voyage.  There is sometimes a mystifying symmetry to life that takes my breath away.  The good, the bad, the rot.  It all happens for a reason and always teaches you something in the process.  Never give up!

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