#86: How to Provision & Prepare Your Boat for Passage

Provisioning for passage.  Stowing goods on the boat (according to weight).  Power conservation while underway.  Watch schedules.  Sleep arrangements.  You name it.  A ton of good, hopefully helpful info for you all while we are preparing our boat to shove off for Cuba in just SEVEN days.  Feel free to add any of your own offshore preparation tips in a comment below and follow us along on our voyage on our HaveWind Facebook Page where we will post MapShare updates and our GPS location via the Delorme.  Become a Patron for personal messaging capabilities so you can talk with us during the voyage, get up to date photos and video posts as soon as we get wifi and join us in Key West for a Patron Party when we get back from Cuba.  Oh the stories we will tell!

2 thoughts on “#86: How to Provision & Prepare Your Boat for Passage

  • Annie, Apparently your solar system isn’t set up correctly or you wouldn’t be having issues with using too much power. I strongly encourage you to read Handy Bob’s web site and Jack Mayer’s web site. They have both lived off of solar in RV’s for years. Boats are no different than RV’s. These guys know their stuff. I would bet some adjustments to your solar system would make a ton of difference.

    • Hey Darrell. I can assure you it is, we just don’t have as much power as it would take to power all systems for that long without running the engine or a generator. We like sailing. We like the serenity and silence of it. It is a choice. We love to use as little resources as possible. Keeping things cold in a cooler will probably not make much difference in our meal-planning. It’s a choice. Many people have sailed without refrigerators for years. I think we’ll have fun going back to the good old days! We like it rustic!

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