VIDEO: 5 Days Across the Gulf of Mexico

Go offshore with us, followers! As Phillip and I sail our Niagara 35 five days across the Gulf of Mexico in some sporty bluewater conditions. This was one of our more intense offshore runs with 24 hours of 20-25 kts of wind and 6-8 (to sometimes 10) foot seas, but the boat and crew proved more than capable and we had a helluva time laying another 500 nm under our keel on our way to the Bahamas. We can’t wait to share the rest of the voyage with you through blog posts, photos and more fun videos! Hope you enjoy this first offshore leg! Buckle up! It’s one heck of a ride!

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: 5 Days Across the Gulf of Mexico

  • Beautifully presented. Your boat looks very pretty. It is obvious that you are working hard to make her a home. Always nice to see. Too bad about Lord Nelson looking for a day off. I did a 40 footer delivery recently and the AP shut down after about 4 hrs into a 12 day trip. Couldn’t get to it to inspect, much less repair. You guys have great control over your boat now that you know her so well. That’s the big lesson. Thanks.

    Hope you keep writing/videoing about the adventure. Love to see you two living aboard and voyaging.

  • Great video, Annie!!! This looks like the kind of video you and Phillip really wanted to make. And you both looked so much more confident this time! Looks like it was a fantastic ride across the Gulf and we can’t wait to see the next video of your guys cruising up to the Bahamas!

    • Thanks John. Sorry for the delay in getting back. We’re just now getting back to wifi. You hit the nail on the head. Every video I have made since I quit forcing myself to make mandatory, weekly, full-length YouTube video has been the “kind of video we wanted to make.” Now it is all for fun, just meant to be enjoyed and the footage is really beautiful. No pressure, no deadlines, just pleasure in capturing beautiful moments when I want to (and leaving the camera tucked far away when I don’t) and making videos just for fun. So glad you could see the difference. And yes the confidence comes from more time studying for my Captain’s license and taking the helm more this year, as opposed to filming and editing. It’s amazing how much more that translates to sailing skills than video-editing does. Happy sailor right here. Appreciate you following along!

  • Well done Captain Annie and first Mate Phillip .
    Also Captain Annie, you look so calm docking up as you would say.

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