Shipyard Vid: Install of Our New Composting Head

Hello crew! This is the final video from our time in the shipyard with Perdido Sailor in 2018. I know many of you have been very curious about our swap from a manual to a composting head, and I wanted to share with you the install process in detail. The ventilation system turned out to be the trickiest part (mainly because we wanted to utilize old, obsolete systems to hide as much of it as we could for aesthetic results). But, other than removing the … smelly items, this was really a rather simple install, one I was able to handle primarily on my own while Phillip was tackling the rudder post reinforcement and other projects, and one we are very pleased with.

Phillip and I have been weekend cruising for about six months now using the composting head and have found it to be a wonderful new addition to our life goal of keeping things simple. There is no more pumping after each flush, no more pumping-out at the dock, no more head smell in our boat, no more sloshing (could bust a seam any day) turd tank, and we’ve opened up plenty of new, now much more freshly-smelling lockers for storage. Oh, and we closed a thru-hull (the one for the macerator). So, we are down to only four thru-hulls now on our boat and thrilled about it. I told you our motto: K.I.S.S. If any of you are considering changing to a composting head, Phillip and I highly recommend it. I can tell you this: We haven’t heard of a single sailor going from composting BACK TO a manual head. That should tell you something.

As mentioned in the video, here is the link to the detailed blog post I put together laying out all of our research and reasons for swapping to a composting head: This includes the pros and cons we found and the rationale behind our decision to go with an Airhead, versus the Nature’s Head or C-head, and links to helpful articles, like this one from RV Lifestyle, that helped to educate us and inform our decision. So, feel free to peruse that helpful source before you watch the install if you would like to know more about our decision.

Then dive into this fun shipyard project video! The composting head has been a fantastic live-aboard lifestyle upgrade for us.

If you have any questions about our composting head, feel free to shoot them our way via HaveWindWillTravel. Enjoy the show!

As promised in the video: a link to the Squatty Potty unicorn commercial (hilarious). You’re welcome ; ).

And, a link to buy the Coco Bliss coco pith bricks for the composting head (which is roughly $4/brick and each brick lasts 3-4 weeks, we’re told, for live aboard cruisers).

Also, for my “strictly blog” followers, you actually get TWO videos this week. I realized when I shared our “Six Years Sailing at HaveWindWillTravel” recently on YouTube and Facebook that I forgot to share it as a blog post to my email-only followers. So, HERE YOU GO! A very fun six-year video re-cap in the new “Our Journey” tab on the website for you as well below. Enjoy both shows!

9 thoughts on “Shipyard Vid: Install of Our New Composting Head

  • Are you still guys still in Pensacola? If it would be possible, I would really like to come talk with you and check out the composting head. I have been seriously thinking of going that route.

    I have actually met you at West Marine on Davis Hwy (not that you would remember since it was a while ago). I work there part time.

  • Oh that’s cool. We will be for a few more weeks but have a lot of little projects and provisioning to accomplish before we head on back to the Bahamas in May. But maybe we can squeeze some cocktails in while we’re on the boat working one evening. Shoot me an email and I’ll see if we can work something out before we leave. If not, we’ll have a full report (no pun intended) on the composting head when we get back in June! : )

  • Guys, we just did an install of our new Airhead and it was pretty simple, even non-mechanical me was able to do it. I’m going to share your post as a primer for my own on Weds, but your’s is much, much better than mine ever will be. Love your YouTube stuff, we’ve just turned on our own channel and are learning how to do it-Chad

    • Hey Chad! Thanks for the kudos. We do love to share! This one may have been a little TMI … ha! But, it’s a very important topic and was a substantial “life upgrade” for us. Glad you made the swap too. And, thank you in advance for sharing!

      • Sharing is Caring. I love the new head so far and we’ll see how long it lasts before I have to clean it, but easy install and so far no smell. Love your writing and thrilled you’ve gotten into magazines, wish I could figure out how to do it. Great Job on your 100 Ton-

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