SIDEBAR – Ahhhh …. My Name in Print

Or someone else’s name …   That’s fine too, I guess.  As long as they’re my words!  Which they are.  I’ll take a brief break (another one of our newly-coined “sidebars“) from our harrowing trek to the Keys to give you, hot off the press in Cruising Outpost’s Summer 2014 issue, my first published article — A New Salt’s First Sail, by Annie … Drake.

Full article HERE.

A big thanks to the self-proclaimed “Large Editor” at Cruising Outpost, Bob Bitchin, for appreciating my sense of humor and taking a chance on this silly little sailor.


Cut from the same cloth I tell ya … 


The same cloth … 

Bob built Cruising Outpost out of the rubble of the former Latitudes & Attitudes magazine and television show, and I’m thrilled to be included.  Hopefully, there will be many more articles to come.

And, an even bigger thanks to all of you faithful followers for promoting my antics.  If I (or Ms. Drake) ever make it big time, you only have yourselves to blame, but know that you were here, in the beginning, where it all began.

The little blogger who could … 


Becomes published author – the name Dike be should:






And, stay tuned for more from our Cruising to the Keys log next time.  We are making treacherous way from Tampa Bay to Ft. Myers with the Captain beginning his ninth hour at the helm.  Yes, ninth.  In the dark of night, with daylight poised to unleash forces of nature on us only Noah’s ark could survive.  More to come.  Stay tuned!