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Ever Been On a Sail You Just Want to End?

Phillip and I will both eagerly, happily, readily admit it: We are 100% fair-weather sailors on our boat. While there are definitely longer, more intense passages we still want to make in our lifetime—sailing around Cape Horn, for example, sailing in … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Heeling

We’re not perfect sailors, we just are sailors because we have a sailboat and we get out and go.  We don’t have any piece of paper or certificates that even tell us we can sail.  We just do, which means we … Continue reading

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#90: Cuba Voyage II: Heavy Heeling

Get ready for it to blow!  These weren’t super heavy winds but they were on the nose and had Plaintiff’s Rest really heeled over during the second night and day of our voyage to Cuba.  Our Niagara 35 proved she … Continue reading

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Chapter Twelve: The Final Storm

The sunrises at Port St. Joe have been some of the best we’ve seen.  The last time Phillip and I left there the year before, it had been at sunrise, the boat was bobbing along in slick, pink water toward … Continue reading

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#32: When Rigging Fails

Because sometimes it just does, although our takeaway here was: check your chafe points.  But, we were surprised to see our mast (even with a rotten base) stood up to some of the heaviest forces she has ever seen.  This … Continue reading

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#19: Hurricane Patricia Blows

Hurricane Patricia blesses us with 30 knots of breeze and 4 ft swells all the way into the bay.  Hope anyone out there that day made it out safe.  Patricia sure packed quite the punch! Thanks to my Patrons who help … Continue reading

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