#78: How to Budget (and Brace) for BIG Boat Repairs

Unexpected mast pulls can happen to you!  While we’ve dealt with our fair share of boat projects here at HaveWindWillTravel, it’s good to be reminded there will always be more and you need to know “How To” be ready — both mentally and financially.  Have fun watching Annie go up the mast (I lost count how many times!) trying to solve this problem and stay tuned next time when we show you what we learned during this whole fiasco that Phillip and I are sure will serve us well during our Cruising to Cuba days this winter.  Enjoy!


And, for those lucky Patrons out there who have already indulged on the Atlantic-crossing movie, let me know what you thought of it in a comment below!!  So exciting to know it’s up on Patreon now for you all to watch.  I hope you LOVE IT!  Coming out for rent on YouTube soon!