A Silky Article in Cruising Outpost!

“Call it crazy, call it beautiful, bold, I call it: No regrets.  I will never forget that moment.  That feeling.  Soaring weightlessly, floating freely in satin sheets from the mast of a sailboat, with the vast Gulf horizon as my backdrop.”  Hey crew!  I’m so proud to share this with you, an article I wrote for Cruising Outpost Magazine about silking on a sailboat, even during an offshore passage on SailLibra last year on our way to the Miami Boat Show.  I spy TeddyJ in there, too, with SailLoot.  Man, how time flies!  It’s such a freeing feeling.  I hope some of you out there grab a pair of silks and start silking on your sailboats, too.  Many thanks, as always, to one of my mentors, Bob Bitchin, and his fun and beautiful wife, Jody, for sharing this opportunity with me.  It’s such an honor.  You guys go pick up a copy of Cruising Outpost today and check out these stunning aerial silks photos for yourself!

I even made the cover …. eek!  : )  Happy Little Author Annie here.  See?  I told you guys when I stopped doing the full-length YouTube videos, I was going to do more writing.  I’ve still got a few more articles coming at you this year.  Enjoy!

Sail Loot Interview No. 2 – Setting Up a Small Business

Hey Kids!  So, who doesn’t know about Teddy J?  Our buddy over at SailLoot.com who explores the many different ways cruisers have found to make money to travel the world.  Last time I spoke with Teddy J, we talked a lot about my marketing efforts and self-publishing Salt of a Sailor.  One thing Teddy asked me to talk about this go-round was the small business I formed to manage my marketing clients and publishing endeavors.  While my advice must always come with a HUGE disclaimer that it is NOT legal advice, I’m always happy to share the many mistakes I have made and some of the simple business methods I have found that work for me.  I always love to hear from other aspiring or already-cruising cruisers out there, though, who have found different ways to make money online.  What are you guys doing or trying?  Let me hear from you!

I hope you enjoy the interview!





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