Shipyard Vid 1: Reinforcing the Rudder Post

Hey hey crew! As I write from La Rochelle, I have a confession to make.  I’ve been saving a treat for you!  I was holding this for when I knew we would likely be shoving offshore, so you all would have a fun video to watch as we struck out tomorrow into the notorious Bay of Biscay.  We’re planning to head out tomorrow for either a short hop to a new port or a quick shakedown and turn-around.  Either way, we’ll get water moving under the hull, learn a lot about the boat and crew’s capabilities and quirks, and hopefully make it to a new port in southern France or even Spain.  The adventure begins!  And, to celebrate the moment: a gift for you all!  Your favorite, a (drumroll please) … SHIPYARD VIDEO!  : )

I know how much you guys loooove our boat project/shipyard videos. Misery must love company, although I will say Phillip and I are far from miserable when we’re working on our boat. It beats sitting at a desk any day!  While I wrote about this project previously (Shipyard Project #1: Reinforcing Our Rudder), this will be a very fun “catch-up” video for my folks who are strictly YouTube followers as these videos will bring you up to speed on all of the very cool work and upgrades we’ve been doing on our boat this past summer while Phillip and I attempt to complete our first Atlantic Circle this winter by helping some new friends deliver their new Lagoon 42 from La Rochelle, France to the BVIs. You’ll meet Kate and Cyrus with CruiseNautic soon, a very fun, adventurous pair. I guess you have to be to willingly hop on a small boat and sail across the Atlantic, am I right?

When we finish that voyage, Phillip and I will fly home to Pensacola, work for several months and then shove off on our baby girl, the beautiful Plaintiff’s Rest, to sail her as south as possible for hurricane season next year. Likely Grenada. We are not riding out another season in the corner pocket or the Gulf. It is horrendous to see what hurricanes can do.

I’ve got several more Shipyard Videos coming over the next few weeks so you all will have some fun things to watch while we are crossing the pond. Be sure to follow along on our Facebook page ( where we will be posting via satellite through our Delorme. That way you can track us in real time across the Atlantic. Giddyup!

2 thoughts on “Shipyard Vid 1: Reinforcing the Rudder Post

  • Annie and Philip:
    So exciting. Crossing the Bay of Biscay is a rite of passage. Good luck with it. A multi hull sailor’s comment once was to stay overly well clear of the NW corner/Finesterre.

    Will you be able to try out Antigua and St Martin on the way in? Yeah, it’s a delivery not a tour. Just thinking about the fun places along the way.

    BVI clear in at Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke. Road Town is crazy busy and a celebration of contradictions. Spanish Town ferry dock customs is OK. I cleared in at Road Town a few weeks ago to chaos. We dock in Village Cay which I like because it is downtown. Nanny Cay was home for a few years and I still like it.

    Do you know the local custom of “good morning/afternoon” to start each conversation? They take it very seriously. Pause after greeting, too.

    Have fun. Will I see you when I am back in February?

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