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Are the Cubans Poor?

If that’s your question, I have to ask you: How Do You Define Poverty? I think that will tell you a lot about whether you will enjoy Cuba.  I will admit, I did not know much about this intriguing country … Continue reading

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This is it!  Our official goodbye.  We are out!  Off!  Headed to Cuba!  See you next year.  Phillip and I were dreaming about this moment every day at the shipyard, every time we encountered a new problem, found a new … Continue reading

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#86: How to Provision & Prepare Your Boat for Passage

Provisioning for passage.  Stowing goods on the boat (according to weight).  Power conservation while underway.  Watch schedules.  Sleep arrangements.  You name it.  A ton of good, hopefully helpful info for you all while we are preparing our boat to shove … Continue reading

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Why We Travel

“There’s something magical about the Azores,” Phillip told me well before we stepped foot on Andanza to cross the Atlantic. When the idea first started to flick like a candle flame in our minds that we might sail across an … Continue reading

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