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Q&A about the Atlantic-Crossing

Hey there HaveWind followers!  As you may have seen on Patreon on Facebook, Phillip and I recently hosted a Skype Q&A session with Patrons who had watched the movie from our Atlantic-crossing and had some questions about the boat, maintenance, … Continue reading

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Ch. 4: Paris Panties and Provisioning Tips

I guess we should talk about the really important stuff before we get to the panties. Fuel: While there were many, many critical provisions we needed to stock on the boat, fuel was one of the first items to come … Continue reading

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Chapter Four – Tanglefoot

“Tanglefoot,” she said over the loud speaker.  Phillip and I kind of eyed each other curiously.  “Tangle-FOOT!” she said again, this time with more emphasis on the “foot.” That’s when we really found out how serendipitous this whole boat-shopping venture … Continue reading

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Chapter Three – Amateur Kretschmers

“Now what is this ‘none’ stuff?” “Naan.” “Okay, fine. Naan. What is that? A snack?” He was big on the snacks. So, no surprise here I’m sure: Mitch got the boat. At 6’4″, if you’re in the market for a … Continue reading

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Provisioning for Passage with “Broccoli Crappola”

May 2-4, 2014: While they were certainly barreling into the slip, it turned out the “Coming in Hot!” boys didn’t really need our help.  About half-way into the slip, the skipper threw it in reverse full throttle and nudged right … Continue reading

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Bonnie the Bunny

April 20, 2014: Tomorrow was it.  We were going to head out around daybreak to make our final passage south to the Keys.  We were beyond excited.  We spent the morning cleaning and readying the boat for the next day’s … Continue reading

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