Written Interview on SailNator.com!

This was pretty cool.  I had a fellow sailing blogger reach out to me and ask me to do a written interview for his blog — SailNator.com “Learn to Sail Online.”  I found the questions he asked were really fun and insightful and I had a great time letting my Writer Annie let it all hang out in the process.  I hope you enjoy the interview!

WRITTEN INTERVIEW with HaveWindWillTravel.com on www.SailNator.com.  Dig in!


And, I have no idea where I’ll be as you’re reading this, but it may be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic as we departed the end of May on our non-stop voyage from Florida to France on a French-built Catamaran.  The tracker link showing our little blinking dot as it travels across the ocean along with daily messages to our followers and a world of photos, footage and stories from Atlantic crossing await on Patreon!

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#68: How NOT to Run Steering Cable

Another valuable lesson from Video Annie: “Don’t Shoot the Messenger!”  I keep telling myself I’m learning how to fix things at sea if they break in the most inopportune way (like back up in the steering column).

Hope you’re enjoying the free how-NOT-to lessons while Phillip and I are crossing the Atlantic.  Follow us on our ocean-crossing voyage by becoming a Patron on Patreon!


#67: How NOT to Re-Bed a Bow Pulpit

That’s right.  I’ve shared a few “hows” from our stint at the yard, now it’s time for a few “how nots.”  Watch as we re-bed the bow pulpit not once, but twice (because it was so much fun the first time) for your viewing pleasure.

And … aSIDE from the book release next week, then it’s just a few days until we embark on our Atlantic crossing journey.  Atlantic Annie’s getting a little too excited about it.  If you haven’t yet, join the journey on Patreon.  Go ahead, take the plunge!


#66: Re-Bed with Butyl and Magic Bolts

Ooooh, says Video Annie.  Magic bolts!  Watch as we get our frames blasted and painted and get “real creative” (Brandon term) making custom bolts to fit the stupid binding posts for the windows.  Thanks, as always, to the boys at Perdido Sailor, Inc. for helping us DIY’ers on the re-fit.  Enjoy the video!

#65: Worst Project of the Re-Fit

You might have thought it was the rigging, or the bottom job, or the (oh yeah) falling-off keel but you’d be wrong.  It was the horrendous job of popping our our windows, scraping away the mess, replacing the crackled lexan, then painting and putting them back in.  Particularly when one was 5,200’ed (that’s a word) in.  Subscribe.  Share.  Don’t use 5200.  Ever.  And enjoy!

You’re Not Going to Blast it on YouTube?

Why would you sign up for the passage then?

While I have received approximately 93.8 questions since I shared the exciting news that I will be crossing the Atlantic on a non-stop voyage this June, many ranging from the comical to concerned, the well-founded to the what-in-the-world?, but this one“Why would you go if you can’t share it on YouTube?”really frustrated me.  I think it’s important I take a moment to make sure my platform and message here is clear.

I love to write and film and share my journey, but first and foremost in that is my desire to embark on journeys.  The experience is primary.  The ability to share the experience with the masses is secondary.  What I hope I have conveyed and achieved here is my goal to document and share my journey so that it inspires others to follow their dreams, including the desire to go cruising.  Is it my goal to share the story and experience of a friend who has asked that I not?  No.  Never.  Any time a fellow cruiser has asked me and any time one may ask me in the future: “Please don’t film this” (or “Please don’t blast this on YouTube”), I will gladly honor that request, not unfriend him, stomp away in a huff and lose the experience of his company.

Okay, rant over.  But that had to be said.  If any of YOU out there are struggling to start and grow your own sailing blog or YouTube channel and have ever found it, at any point in time, frustrating, please remember cruising is about the experience.  If something in your life is hindering that experience, take a step back and assess its importance to you and your attitude about it.  Do and create things you love and don’t worry about those who cast hate on it.

I am excited about this Atlantic-crossing trip, exuberant really.  The Captain’s request is well-founded, legitimate and I am grateful he honored my request to share my content about the Atlantic-crossing on Patreon.  If you feel a couple dollars a week is worth it for the experience?  Wonderful.  If you don’t?  Wonderful.  It will not deter me in any way from continuing to share my Atlantic content on Patreon and my as-always free content on YouTube and here on the blog.

As a treat, here is a fun little snippet of the video I’m working hard on for Friday about our “work project of the re-fit.”  Also, because I knew I would soon be doing some serious traveling (“What?  Where to?” France people!  Try to keep up!), I finally had to roll over and upgrade my long-time friend and two-year running $115 Chromebook and exclusive use of online video editing software to a computer that would allow me to create videos and write offline.  This is the first little mini movie I made on the new MacBook using iMovie and (and!) I got a new mic for Voiceover Annie.  *applause*   Enjoy!

I’m also very excited about where things are going with the Nonsuch book.  Phillip, as it seems he always does (he’s kind of annoyingly awesome that way), came up with a fantastic idea for an overall theme and fun spin on the book and I’m typing away fervently every day trying to work it in.  I will send out a request soon for advanced readers so some of you (you’ll have to jump on it quick!) can get a free glimpse of the book in exchange for an honest Amazon review.  Plenty of HaveWind goodness to come!

On Patreon this week, I will be sharing more details about the Atlantic trip and will try to answer some of the many (far more legitimate … that’s the last time I will say it) questions I have received about the trip:

1) When are you leaving?  

2) Why Non-Stop?

3)  Are You Paid Crew? 

If you’re interested and inclined …

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If you’re not?  No worries!  ; )  I’ll catch you here on Wednesday.

#62: No Water in the Bilge!

How will we do it?  With a sump box.  The sump box rocks.  But, we had to seal up the anchor chain locker first (quite the chore) and run all the hoses.  Thanks to Brandon with http://www.perdidosailor.com/ also for devising a cool way to re-purpose an old pump to move the water overboard.  Enjoy the show!

I have some big news to share soon but I am waiting for a few variables to be determined and other chips to fall into place before I can announce it.  Please be patient and know that I am working hard over here to bring you all something very BIG.  A once in a lifetime adventure that I will share with you.  This whole HaveWind lallapalooza is a labor of love, for sure, but I do love it and it feels amazing when so many people write me and tell me I’ve inspired them to start dreaming, start boat shopping, buy a boat (*gulp*) or even quit their job to go cruising (*double gulp*).  If you have enjoyed the show, please support our cause knowing amazing things are in the works!


#61: Machined Blocks and a Magic Bilge Box

Why is there always a part of the rigging that does not fit?  Why?!  Watch as we battle more custom machining woes on the tie rod rigging, finish up the bottom job after a minor Annie meltdown, and reveal how we plan to fix the clogged weep hole in the mast step that started this whole mess!

And … we’ve got BIG news coming soon kids.  I am going on a once-in-a-lifetime passage!  I’m working on an awesome announcement video about it which will publish soon, but a sneak peak awaits in a “Patrons Only” post up on Patreon now.  Join Patreon to join me on this awesome adventure!


25 Lessons Learned at the Yard

(All lessons are free today!)

#1  Use the right tool for the job.


#2:  Wear the right pants for the job.


#3: Acetone is good at removing the outer layer of plastic and skin.


#5:  Wear gloves.  Nuff said.

photo (13)

#6:  And masks!

photo (28)

#7: Selfies at the shipyard are not cool.


#8:  Clean the boat out before hauling out (but leave Band-Aids).


#9: Cover the entire boat in butcher paper the minute you get to the yard.  (And don’t thumbs up a dirty boat.  It’s not a sign of hard work, it’s a sign of not protecting your decks.  We are still cleaning up this mess.  Bad Annie.  Bad!)


#10:  Cover anything that might get stained or marred with towels or blue tape (preferably before you stain or mar it)!


#11:  Label every single screw (nut, bolt, washer, etc.) you take out.


#12:  Label every boat part you take off and where it goes (starboard aft, port fore, 1, 2, 3, etc.).  Generally no part on the boat fits into a different spot.  It must go back from whence it came!


#13:  Measure twice, cut once.  (Often once is the only opportunity you’ll get.)


#14: Anytime you think of something that needs to be done or procured write it down.  Get it on the list before you forget.


#15: (Even when covered in bottom-job paint) shipyard selfies … still not cool.

photo 3

#16:  When disconnecting electronics, make a detailed chart.

photo 1 photo 2

#17:  When reconnecting electronics, do not consume alcohol.  (We found two stray chard caps in the bilge post-shipyard.  Bad Annie!)

photo 5

#18: Anti-fog.  Nuff said.


#19:  Try to find beauty in every day.


#20:  Try to find a little humor along the way.  (Honest to God strip club we passed often on the way to the yard.)


“Don’t worry, your mom quit,” the sign says.  “Come on in!”


#21:  If at all possible, leave your mark where it won’t be visible.


#22:  Working in places that aren’t really visible is no excuse to do sloppy work (Brandon rule).


#23:  No matter how big the job may seem, it is always (always!) worth it.

photo 1 (1)

#24:  No matter how big the job may seem, it is never (ever!) over.  (Post-yard mast climb to get the stack pack squared away!)

Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 3.20.32 PM

#25:  Even mid-mast-climb, selfies … still not cool Annie.  Not.  Cool.

Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 3.17.02 PM


A big thanks to all my Patrons who help make these fun lessons for newbie cruisers possible!  If you want to go cruising, get inspired.  Get on board.


#60: 5/16 Wire and the Angle of the Dangle

Okay, let’s go with wire.  5/16 all around.  Now what?  A thousand necessary modifications and little pieces that must all fit together is what.  Not to mention the almighty Angle of the Dangle!  Fun stuff re-engineering the rigging here kids.  I get to try my hand at being a mathematician, a physician and, oh, a coal miner’s daughter.  Enjoy!

In other news, we had a fan-TAS-tic time out on the hook for the first time.  We didn’t our main sail on and a few other things not quite put back together, but she was ready enough to camp out on for the night, so we had to go!  It felt incredible to be back on our boat in the water!

photo (33)

Now that we won’t be spending as much time in the shipyard, I will have more time to focus on putting together more awesome HaveWindWillTravel content for you all.  I need to get an interview done this week to include in my next Gift of Cruising announcement video so that will come out soon!  Very exciting.  And, I’m planning to do another boat tour for you on Friday.  The goal is to publish content that entertains, educates, inspires  and helps bring more people to the water.  If we’re hitting the mark, let us know!